Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Belated Birthday Pics

On the 24th November I was treated to a birthday dinner by my BFF, Tammy and "I" took them to De Gardens in Ipoh Garden.

Nowadays De Gardens is the IN happening in Ipoh, more eatery outlets and commercial shops are opened now but what is needed is the Ipoh crowd which is still lacking.....

We were amazed when we saw quite a number of shops have opened now... mostly franchise eatery cafes. We could not decide which to go to.... and eventually ended up here in Fruit Land..

for chit chatting, this place is suitable..
but for good recommendation of food,
there is nothing to shout about here...

the ambience is nice, no doubt...

for desserts, this is bean curd with black sesame...

yam tong sui (dessert)

durian lolo ice kacang
nice but expensive
it cost RM9.90!!

something like korean mee....

AA slurping the noodles..
we were hungry so the food did not matter then!!

What matters most is that
we had a good time together!


  1. How sweet to have a BFF! Btw, Belated happy birthday to you!

  2. Happy Birthday to your BFF

    PS: Yes, funnycrazyhappyvideos is one of my blog! LOL

  3. oo..the mee looks delicious, must be spicy like Korean Mee but nice.

  4. I love yam dessert and durian ABC. They looked yummy to me. Your kids are good looking too.

  5. yeah, it seems the 'happening' place in ipoh now for food but i hardly go difficult to find parking..but looking at the desserts, i would like to try them one sesame tau foo fah??

  6. yes Lena... difficult to find parking place.. so we parked our car near the proton saga office...

    sheonyan: yes, the durian abc is good but expensive!!!

    agnes: nice.. but can cook ourselves.. hahaha.a.

    pete: hahaha.. my birthday then..

    bgee: thanks!!

  7. yeah, definitely agree with you.. more important is the good company that spend quality time with you, the food just comes second after that.. :)

  8. Alamak... Fernie looks like your little sister instead of ur dotter. LOL!

  9. oh the food not good? i would love to try that durian ice kacang. yum. happy belated birthday!

  10. oh the food not good? i would love to try that durian ice kacang. yum. happy belated birthday!

  11. You are right, what matters is that you were all together! That one dish looks like a volcano, but the soup looks very good! The other things don't look too appealing!

  12. Franchise places...not good lah. Nice...but not good and more expensive.

  13. P.S.
    Love the last photo - such a beautiful happy family.

  14. sk: nowadays food outlets are more on the helps to bring up the food.. haha..

    cleff: hey, want a bigger christmas pressie ah??? :p

    goldflower: thank you very much!

    ginny: when u come here, u must try all sorts of funny food! lol..

    stp: yes, sooner or later, no more authentic food like our younger days.. andy was not around on that day otherwise complete!

  15. I like the noodle..something like korean noddle...slurp!!!

  16. It is always about good company right? given any dull environment,if it the presence of good company,situation will sure be livened up,,,,,,,

    BFF, i wonder who coined this word,,,,

  17. angeline: how come adults and kids love this type of noodles? :p

    wenn: yes, only too expensive!

    eugene: i learn it from my nephew.. BFF best frens forever.. hahaa..

    jama: fattening for me! hahaa..

  18. Wow...that durian ice cream in ice die for no doubt :) Glad that you had a wonderful time with your friend and family. Btw...Fernie looks like your that photo ! :p lucky you !

  19. Wow,nice food with good ambiance, everything looks so neat,hope you people had fun time altogether...Happy belated b'day to you...

  20. petula: yes, we did!

    medie: thanks!

    kathy: spicy hor..

    elin: that photo only!! hahaa..

    carol: thanks!!

  21. You are son 'in' yourself that's why you go hang out at 'in' places! Yeah, these outlets are fun and trendy to keep your hearts young.

  22. hungrrrrrrrrrrry now! aaaaaaaaaaah!

  23. Love the last picture, should frame it up. :)

    I love the ice kacang, look so good, but but but it is durian...:(

  24. twilight: young at heart, hai mai?

    irene: go cook a bowl of korean mee.. hahaha...

    annie: durian is best!

  25. last pic, ur gal looks gorgeous there.. da Mommy too :P

    ok lah.. son oso hencem lah :D

  26. merryn: nasib baik u said mummy too! hahaha... oops..son also got compliment? sekali gus...

  27. angelbear: yes..durian some more!

    tom: thanks all the same!!

  28. wow!! very delicious....These foods are so mouthwatering. Thanks for sharing....

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  30. Happy belated Bday Claire... ^_^


Thank you, readers!

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