Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Din Tai Fung In The Gardens/Mid Valley

WE reached Mid Valley around noon and we were feeling quite hungry by then. Walking to take public transport, going up and down the stairs can cause us to lose calories faster than driving our own car.

Being "Ah Lians" in Mid Valley, we ended up asking a staff (I forgot who and which lady we asked) about food. We told her that we wanted Chinese food... and she recommended us to go down to the lower ground.. gosh, I cannot remember liow... next time I better write down where I went....

Anyway and anyhow, we ended up looking at ...........

Din Tai Fung-Taiwan Restaurant...

ambience something like this...

we ordered just a set ... and shared..
we are small eaters ma...
but actually we want to save our stomach space
for some other food... lol...

first came the appetizers...

followed by a big bowl of fried rice...

3 siew loong pau (mini dragon dumpling)

this needs technique..
slurping technique!! hahaha...

see the juice from the dumpling?
that is the specialty of this dumpling..

lastly and not least, for an additional RM3
I ordered this "or nee" yam pudding...

On the way out, I went to "tau si" (peek) at the chefs..

see how he held the dumpling..
so near to his face...
hope no sweat.. :))

Din Tai Fung


  1. LOL, memang pandai cari makan!^-^

  2. Eating is fun, but paying is not fun. :p

    you see! you can enjoy the food there so nice.

    I here. Eat bread only. :)

    anyhow, happy weekend to you.

  3. All the food are so yummy. Must try this on my next trip to KL. The yam dessert is my favourite.

  4. wow...everything look so appetizing over there. How come I feel you are not working in KL. More like on vacation. :D

  5. alice: mid valley have so much food outlets..

    chvoon: hey, bread nowadays is not cheap, u know, organic wheat bread with fillings.. wow.. sedap! hahaha...

    sheohyan: yes, i love yam too!

    wenn: siew loong pau.. must slurp.. :)

    tekkaus: all work and no play makes claire a dull woman... :p

  6. i have been to Garden so so so many times, can said most weekend i will go there or once every two weeks. But i never dine in Din Tai Fung before, it is always long queue. :(:(

    I went to the other one, i think is HK cuisine.

    Next time i know what dessert i have to order, O Nee!

  7. Compare you and me, ME more Ah Lian in Mid Valley leh.. lol..

  8. Slurp slurp nice siew loong pau!

  9. been wanting to try that. it is really good? hehe

  10. soup dumplings!

    Aloha from Honolulu

    Comfort Spiral


  11. Din Tai Fung is our favorite eating place in Gardens. The food is really good! They have outlets in many countries too.

  12. I have a feeling a little sweat makes it taste better. LOL

  13. annie: oh that day no queue.. maybe not lunch hour yet.. or maybe weekdays..

    merryn: lets compete and see who more ah lian..

    pete: slurrrp... hahaha..

    goldflower: for me, i love trying something new.. it is not something big to shout about.. like..woooooooo.. u can say i love eating.. so anything new, i m IN...

    cloudia: mini soup dumplingS!

    shireen: so this is a famous only i know :)

    patty: u r witty! hahaha..

  14. *pengsan...RM19.80++ for just that! And it's supposed to be one serving for one person only! Good grief! I think I'll pass... You definitely will never see me there, thank you very much.

  15. Mid Valley..has not been there for very long time. My last visit to KL also miss out this place cox very far.

  16. stp: dont compare with road side stalls, my fren.. hahaha..

    mery: inconvenient to go there, right?

  17. Wow, all the food stuffs looks so yummy, the appetizers, fried rice...

  18. Hi Claire,

    What are those yellow things swimming in the yam pudding?

  19. carol: hahaa.. esp when we are hungry..

    ipohgal: those are gingko seeds.. patt koh..

  20. Opposite the Din Thai Fuing is the Oyster that made me lausai la

  21. wow, so many good food! salivating here :-P


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