Thursday, November 4, 2010

My ETS Experience

As I have written in my previous posts, I used KL public transport while I was there for two nights recently. From our place of lodging, we walked to Berjaya Times Square to take a monorail to KL Central...

from this experience, I get to know more ....
now if you ask me what to take to KL Central, I can tell u.. lol..

a tip.. if you are a frequent traveler in KL,
it is advisable to buy a Touch N Go card....

u don't have to wait long for a monorail to arrive...
not like KTM....

what's this?
ETS seat
just like an airplane seat.. with a tray..

see the beautiful seats.. so new and nice
from Ipoh to KL cost RM30 each...
and the journey takes "2.15 hours"

see... so clean and nice....
hope it stays that way, KTM...
ok, let me tell my incident..

when I checked in my seat, another passenger has the same seat number with me..
Upon further checking, I realized that my own ticket date was wrong, it was printed one day later...... I panicked.. I quickly ran down to the ETS booth and told them of their date error...
Thank goodness, they allowed me to board the train but seated at a different coach...

One lesson learnt - remember to check your ETS ticket immediately upon purchase...


  1. Comfy seats, clean interior, our public transport has improved a lot.

  2. Wow.. only 2hours++ to Ipoh? Looks very comfy too.. I must try this before I leave for Sarawak. :)

  3. Let's try this Kate!

    Is it 2.15 hours of 2.15 minutes?

  4. There's monorail from KL to Ipoh? Hey...I can go and visit you then...

  5. Ya..hope it is properly maintain. And the users must also play their part. No vandalism.

  6. Clair: Neat captures of the rail station and a cool hint.

  7. Angel: I think it's 2hours 15 minutes. Let's go to Ipoh after the exam on the 12th.. Shall we? ;)

  8. I read about this the other day. :D Hmm..I would really love to take an ETS and go all the way to Ipoh.

  9. My younger kai mui said ETS also very nice... but the website said got waiter serving food.. she said "DONT HAVE" food... do know about this?

  10. 2+ hrs journey, jes like driving wor. Really efficient. Hope it'll be well-maintained.

  11. like that travelling to n fro ipoh-kl will be a breeze :D

  12. wrong date??? like that also can ah... i thought all computerised one?

    looks very nice and comfy... so now can come to kl more often? ;-)


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