Friday, November 12, 2010

PMS Post

My cell meeting was just over, it has been a long day for me..... finally I have the chance to sit down here quietly and do my stuff... "My stuff" means working at my computer till midnight, but this type of "work" is something I like to do, not like the daytime work which is sort of "pressuring."

Funny thoughts ran through my mind... questions like "should I take optional retirement?" "will I be able to survive?" "can my kids and I still eat whatever we like without worrying about finances?" ......... on one hand, I would love to resign and "fire" my boss... on the other hand, I feel it is a "loss"to lose such a "flexible time" job, where I can go out for my breakfast in the morning and going out to do some urgent personal stuff without having to apply for leave and so forth....

Actually, what is the real nice age to retire? If possible, I do not want to work till 55... but if I retire too early, will I feel the "boredom of cramp?" (sien toe chau kun)

Ok, this is just one of those days... ranting out.... (fatt loe soe)


  1. i feel you. I also wanted to be SAHM. Since my first born 6 years ago, i already thought of early retirement. But situation is not permitted. Because my PIL are still working at the age of 65. How can i be siu lai lai and let his son work only? Do you get my point? I also love to fire my boss, but i can't let go my income at the moment. What a confuse situation i have.

  2. Hahaha... I retired at 21. Good anot? Ditch newsroom, and write full time... apart from my tuition class. LOL... but very sien leh... slow paced!

  3. sheohyan: being a SAHM and WAHM .. and working full time.. all have pro and cons.. if being own boss best!..can go to work at our own time and pace..

    cleff:u r really siu lai lai.. hahaha.. so nice can retire at such young age and being own boss yourself!

  4. Start thinking of how you can be your own boss then, Claire! You can do it. Just pray for some answers!!!

  5. Well, first you have to figure out you finances and see if you would be able to retire and still live like you want. Do you have to wait till a certain age to get a pension? Would you be losing money to retire early? It sounds like you have a job that many would envy, and it gives you nice extra money!

  6. Your children still studying... Hang on! Unless you have other sources of income to allow you to carry on comfortably. The pension is hardly enough... You make a lot from your blog? Then maybe you can retire, stay home and shake legs...but sometimes, you'll miss your friends, the companionship...the welcome change when going for meetings and so on.

  7. kinda agree with STP here. :) or maybe wait till ur son start working n stable in financial issue? am sure u know wat to do better. :D

  8. It would be nice to retire fr the present job and join another kind of job. I'm happy to retire early as now I do something else.

  9. This questions have been my hubby's dream too. He hopes millions of dollar will falls from the sky and he will immediately 'fire' his boss. He seriously did not like his job ;( but can't resign due to family commitment. ;(

  10. It is everyone's wish not to work but still have the money to lead a comfortable life without depending on anyone else. However, facing reality unless we hit lottery:).

    If I were to retire, I guess my family will get so sick of my ranting...haha. It is still good to keep our mind active at work.

  11. mamapumpkin: maybe your trips are tempting me to resign.. hahaha..

    ginny: i guess there are more advantages to disadvantages in this job.. guess i got to hang on and tolerate awhile longer..

    stp: other source of income is not stable.. yes, thinking of my kids, i guess i have to wait for a few more years before i call it a day!

    caroline: my son knows my heart's desire.. :) yes, wait 3 yrs more at least...

    wenn: yes, u r your own boss.. so envious of you..hahaha..

    mnhl: showers of blessings from God is good enough. haaha.. millions of them., not dollars though..

    denesa: u r right in a way. .but then if i nag also, no one can hear.. cos i m alone ma.. hahaha..


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