Thursday, November 11, 2010

SS2 Murni At The 5-Foot Way

After a long walk in One Utama, my stomach began to "growl." My legs felt like they didn't belong to my body, my throat thirsted for water... (ok, ok, I know I am exaggerating) I just wanted to elaborate on my hunger so that the food we ate after the shopping spree was er.. sort of "justified." Lol...

My son suggested Murni to Gabriel, both agreed that Murni was a good choice for me and my girl. Both of us didn't know what they were talking about, being crowded, many tables laid along the five foot way, from one end to another... bla bla blaaa... until I saw with my own eyes... and WOW...what they said was true.

from one end of the row of shops to the other end
the Murni tables were full of people.. GOSH!!
the food must be terribly great ....
anyway, Aaron ordered these for us...

oh, i forgot the names, son...
all i know was the food was very nice...
was this called Hawaiian Canai?

with chicken, pineapple... sausage.. I think...

a giant plate of Mee Raja (King Noodles)

very big plate.. but then.. who are we???
Sure no problem finishing it up!

claypot loe shu fun ("rat noodles")

sarawakian style?

followed by this cheesy nann with bacon and ham!
and dipped with condensed milk and curry
a mixture of sweet and spicy!!
that is what I love!


even the drinks were special...

soursop with lychee and coco nata..

Let's Wallop!

the disappearing act of food!

Thank you very much Gabriel
for the wonderful dinner at Murni
A nice experience for us...
enjoying these special food at a five foot way...
Brings back old memories of childhood...

By the way, anyone here tried SS2 Murni before?


  1. Those foods really looked so awesome. You guys really know how to enjoy life and food. Good!

  2. The soursop drink very da sedap there! :D

  3. wah.. hawaiian Canai looks interesting.. :D

  4. Oh the food sure to be good looking at the 'shining' plates haha..not tried Murni before in SS2 dunno where leh. tQ

  5. Wahhhh... u all can sure makan leh. The roti canai looks very weird. Sedap or not?

  6. Used to eat at Murni during Uni days

  7. merryn: so u have heard!
    yes, the drinks are good too!

    sheohyan: my son and Gab took us there..

    rachel: gosh.. i dint look into their kitchen..

    cath: something different..

    bananaz: yes, heard that UM students go there...

    cleff: something different!

    mingna: yeah, saw many students there too.. not too pricey..

  8. Alamak! I have been living in KL since 1993 and never found the chance to eat there! Hee! Hee! You are so game for anything!

  9. The nann and king noodles would have been my favorites!!

  10. All nice...except the canai. I think fusion food is for very sesat people. LOL!!!

  11. twilight: my son suggested it.. he said very special.. hahaha...

    ginny: u know about nann too? wow.. yes, inside the nann has ham and cheese fillings!

    stp: this shop is opened by a sarawakian so i think most of the food, she did some modifying from the east and west..

  12. It's an SS2 fill the tummy! ;)

  13. Cheesy Naan!

    Aloha from Waikiki :)

    Comfort Spiral



  14. Oh dat one is roti Hawaiian! haha! boyfie brought me thr too!! NICE!

  15. Claypoy loh shee fun is a must-order there!! Used to go there during my study time at KL, miss it now =(

  16. gratitude: yes, heard that SS2 is famous for food..

    peah: so unique canais there..

    cloudia: for slim ones, good to go there..hahh..

    caroline: great!! u sat on the pavement too?

    hayley: so most graduates got their meals from there? hahaha...

  17. Yes I have eaten at SS2 murni many times! Very famous place for mamak food! Love the mee raja and claypot lou she fun! looks like you already tried most of their signature dishes already!! LOL!

  18. i loveeeeee murni food... haven't been there a loong time becoz of the kids (hard to get food for them). i tried all that's on your table except for a couple... hawaiian canai is one of my fav!!

  19. sweetwitch: so..murni is really very famous!!

    kathy: so nice to stay in KL/PJ.. where food is concerned..hahaa..

    irene: wah..seems a lot of you have tried..

  20. Claire, I HATE YOU la.. I am in confinement leh.. looking at those photos makes me drool.... arghhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

  21. hahaha!! Hawaiian Canai!! this is really very innovative, haha, but i really doubt whether it's nice?? to me, the nicest roti canai is the most basic roti kosong lor~~ :p

  22. kiasumum: poor new mama... come come..*hug*

    sk: try and you will know...

    mery: have food will travel..

  23. Oh no! The mee raja and claypot loh shee fun are making me hungry!!


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