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Puffing UP Bukit Kledang, Menglembu

Work stress and pressure made me consume more than refraining .. ended up so much rounder. And after the ranting out post yesterday, I decided to follow your advice, that is to "chill out" and this took place in Bukit Kledang, Menglembu just this evening...

Weather was inviting at 5pm, no dark clouds looming overhead. Quickly we drove our half hour journey to this famous mountain... Upon reaching, I was quite worried actually cos this hike-up could be very strenuous for me...

the starting point...
going up by steps and coming down by tar road..

along the way, took intervals to catch breath

a long way to go...

girl waiting for old mama...

catching my breath again.. puff... pufffff

aikss... so much more????
after many many minutes..
we finally reached the 1st station!

oopps.. my secret revealed...
my helper, my umbrella..
IT helps me a lot!!
ok, now going downhill another task..
how much calories do you think I lost??


  1. eh....i dream of hiking but u hiked already ...! salute Auntie Claire.
    Btw, now Kledang hill so nice already, last time no 'staircase'...

  2. kathy: apa salute.. nearly pengsan!

    chrisau: hahaha.. u dream only.. i made it come true..

  3. i hvn't been there to try one day.

  4. I am not keen on exercising, must learn from you.

  5. Wah, liddat sure stay slim! No need to go to Marie France....LOL!

  6. i miss this place very much...used to be my hangout place when i was in college....after exam, will stay in ipoh with my friends...

  7. Well, they say that exercise helps reduce stress!! Working it all out...I don't think you rested and are chilling out, though!

  8. Good for YOU!

    Aloha from Waikiki :)

    Comfort Spiral



  9. I heard that this place is quite popular among Ipoh people. I'd like to go there one day.

  10. *pengsan* I wun survive that! Hate hiking... I prefer swimming instead. Swimming dun need me to deal with gravity pull. I still remember, the last time I went hiking in Gunung Jerai with my dad... walao... I feel like crying... pain here, pain there, kenot breath.... wan pengsan!!!

  11. Wah Claire u keng leh! I long time (many many years liao) no hiking lo. I think if me half way pun dah pengsan kot...

  12. wenn: do try one day.. make it to the 1st station initially..

    mingna: aiyah, u so slim.. tak payah! hahaha..

    pete: and save up the money for makan!

    amy: u should see my girl walking up .. so steady la.. whereas i have so many intervals!
    via: so u r familiar with ipoh!

    ginny: at least it took my mind off the problem for the evening. too tired to think of anything else..

    cloudia: today feel good!

    autumnbelle: do come by. maybe u will enjoy the exercise too!

    cleff: me too.. i dont like climbing.. afraid of heights..but this one, terpaksa la.. cos too rounded already.. :)

  13. Whoaaa! go for hiking?? good one! :D at least can relax n getting more healthy ma! *wink*

  14. wow, the hill is a nice place to relax. did you sweat or not? if yes, then surely you have burned some calories :)

  15. Ya, umbrella is ur assistant! Hiking is good to maintain our stamina

  16. Hiking is a good form of exercise. Can help to shape bum and tights.

  17. puff puff!! salute u Claire.Me sure pengsan halfway jor

  18. Ooh heard about this bukit before in menglembu. What a nice hike! All steps! LOL! I also haven't exercised in a while.. have to start going hiking too!

  19. caroline: today pain all over.. hahaa..

    barb: after that, wallop rice a lot!

    angeline: yes,it helps in a way.. i think brisk walk is better for me..

    sheohyan: bumps and thighs, i dont mind increasing.. hahaa.

    ling: no la..u so light, cannot pengsan one..

    sweetwitch: u r still slim, no need first.. haha..

  20. aiyo, bravo Claire! i dun think I can make it! n even if i did... going down will be difficult.. macam dulu i panjat itu tembok besar cina.. sudah naik... ok... turun my lutut sakit!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Hubby wanted me to bring him up this hill as well. Next time we will go. I think I will be huffing and puffing too.

    The drunken chicken, my mum says is very good. Its at the Kum Kee coffee shop at Pasir Pinji. I put a hyperlink there coz in the previous post I put up a pic of the shop. By the way, you ever eaten in Wok with Kim? It's opp the porridge shop in Yang Kalsom, next to the Chinese church. Open at night ah?

  22. merryn: u r very right! going up has its different type of strain.. and coming down different too! :)

    ann: yes, wait till u r more fit to climb up with your kids..
    yes, wok with kim is open at night..

  23. Wow...a really good exercise!!

    When you walk down, is your leg shaking? Walk so many stairs! It's a good exercise for the bums and legs.

  24. hahaha..funny.. the umbrella helps u to climb the stair..hehe... good idea :)

  25. Last time, I always go for the tar road. But my conclusion, climbing hill won't lost much weight. It's better to cycle!

  26. annie: not shaking but straining!

    stella: it helps a bit with the weight.. my weight!

    cindy: if sweat a lot.. good for body.. cycling? i dare not.. legs not long enough.. hahaha..

  27. I think I will "die" at the foot of the hill.

    Be careful of your knees when climbing downhill.

  28. Take it easy - don't over-exert yourself. If it comes to hill-climbing, I'm out! I'll just wait at the bottom...

  29. jessie: yes, so far so good.. phew..

    stp: come on.. i lead u up with the help of the umbrella.. hahaha...

  30. Good to go for some exercise!! Wow! So many steps uphill! : D

  31. foong: longer than guilin steps? hahaha...


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