Tuesday, November 16, 2010


A very busy day...stressed up with work!!

Just because of a personal conflict between a boss and a staff, this staff was "removed" from the office and now her work is piling up.... someone has to take over her work and not just taking over but have to do your own work as well, so it is more or less doing Two Person's Work!

Guess who is the victim???

Very stressful... and very un-professional...

Need to do something... got to speak out.... cannot be victimized......
beh tahan liow!


  1. Good to speak out, maybe try talking to your superior or... don't tell me this is your superior?
    Btw, relax la, it's holiday! Chill out! Go for a massage.

  2. Chill chill... i can feel your stress dy :(

  3. Sigh. Politics. Office politics. Can never escape them. I was in a much more horrible position when I was in the newsroom. Got fed up with the Chief Editor and go my own way s a freelance. And yet, still never free from blardy politics. Now in 'Family politics' much more worst than office politics! *snarl*

  4. Cool down..don't get over stress...Out for shopping since tomorrow is PH.

  5. Cool down..don't get over stress...Out for shopping since tomorrow is PH.

  6. Hang in there, it will get better. I've always heard it's the squeaky wheel that gets oiled first. So perhaps you need to complain.

  7. So you are doing two jobs now? Can't they spread out her work between a few so it isn't all on you? Will you have to work longer hours or take work home? Maybe you get paid for overtime? How long will this last, gosh, right now with the holiday season, and all adding to your stress, will they hire a new person? Are my questions stressing you out even more? Sorry, but curious and sorry for you!!

  8. Man, i hate this post of yours,not you but it just brings me back an old memory when i was victimized too, sidelined and what not,just because i did not want to cahoot as far as bribery is concerned,,,that's was the worst time of my life, went into depression was on medication for dep....i finally quit the job,like you said beh tahan lioa..

    i feel for you sis, may be looking at Christian point of view, may be it is the time of testing,,, pray about it lah..

    Like Chris said, chill,, today's holiday ma,, go massage, facial, manicure, pedicure and all and most of it, go shopping and Pang Lein Lein...ok and don't forget to wear your RM290 pair of Hush Puppy shoes ,ok?

    take care now....you know i've always liked this quote...share with you. "tough times never last but tough people do."

  9. Chill, m'am, chill... Never mind, you'll get ur reward eventually...

    I did more than my share all my years in school but I was happy doing all I could - it was more than a job to me, a vocation, a passion... Never mind that I was a non-graduate doing graduate's stuff...and getting a measly salary...while the more qualified grads just sat there shaking legs...and earning a lot more.

  10. Chill.. It happened all the time when I was still at work and they called this teamwork. What a phrase, hahahaha.. Treat yourself to a retail therapy and makan makan since today is a holiday.

  11. It time for the year end appraisal for increment and bonus, tahan saja la, who knows you will be properly rewarded for your effort!!

  12. Similar situation always happens in school. When someone starts complaining about workload, if the superior can't tahan the complaint, the 'extra' work will be dumped to the one who hardly complains or doesn't know how to complain.

  13. chrisau: yes..u r right!

    merryn: this is working life!

    cleff: everywhere also got this type of problem right? esp in big office where there are many staff...

    mery: i did just that this morning!

    ginny: hahaha..no no, you are concerned, that is why.. no, i dont like working longer hours.. and i hope they find a replacement soon .. i doubt that though...

    wenn: at least this will last till new year.. that is most critical..

    cindy: i try not to think!

    eugene: as i said, working life is such, right? but i cannot retire la.. financial constraints..
    eugene, no more money to pan liang liang la.. hahaha..

    stp: i dont want so much stress la.. not young anymore... nowadays we have to work smart and not work hard..

    inspiredmum: the more stress, the more makanan i consumed!! yeah.. very full now.. hahaha...

    agnes: awarded already liow.. that is why the payback time, i guess!!

    mingna: that one is me.. i seldom talk a lot.. i keep quiet most times in the office.. not a good example!

  14. Understand your feeling - You speak up - got many symphatiser -I speak up & people think i "siau" one...anyway good to vent out sometimes!

  15. Oh wow...hope it doesn't end up with more conflict! Can see sparks above your head...haha. Pls take care. Hope things are resolved.

  16. Yup, discussions to clear the air is always a good option. Hope you get it resolved ;)

  17. so kesian...take it easy la..I do agree that you need to speak out about it..nanti end of the day KPI tak cantik :)

    go makan makan and relax....don't think too much about it..

    p/s: apa khabar?? sorry for not comment any of ur posts..busy lately...

  18. MRC: why siow?? blogs are for ranting out..

    mary: this is the setback of working .. sometimes keeping quiet makes things worse..

    gratitude: but sometimes after discussing, we get blackmarks! :(

    mandy: as long as u have not forgotten about me here in Ipoh, it is all that matters! hahahaa.. come on by, remember!

  19. cham....Claire...u take care of urself also la. Try ont to kek sum too much

  20. kathy... sobbbb.. apa nak buat. wan sik kan lan...

  21. It happens to everyone! Definitely...Darn!

  22. angeline: this is part of working life..

  23. take some leave.recharge yourself and go back to the office to do battle again - this time you'll win(mark my words claire)

  24. Stressful indeed!! Luckily I don't work in such an environment! I can't take it!!

    Well, speak out!! Assert yourself! And good luck! : )

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