Monday, November 15, 2010

All That Glitters...

During our break, Lynn called me to say that she would be bringing up a few trays of glittering rings. True enough, in less than 5 minutes, she brought them over to my table and we had fun wearing most of the rings and ended up buying only a few...

Don't WOW... they are all very chirpy chirpy cheap cheap!!

so many to choose from..
as chinese says, "too many flowers, eyes confused"
(far tor ngan luin)
these rings cost only RM7.00 :)

these"gigantic" ones cost RM10/-
super cheap hor?

come help me choose, she said...

OK, which one to take...

Lynn with her usual cheekiness
finally, I think she ended up buying a few...
As for me, a No-No...
I prefer someone to buy real ones for me..
I guess I have to wait for a long long time...


  1. I dared not put on real jewellery, later get robbed...

  2. Eyyyeeewwwww!!! Like those things "those people" love to wear..... Thank goodness you've good taste - did not buy any!

  3. stella: thanks!

    mingna: yeah.. nowadays ppl go for costume jewelry..

    stp: hahaha.. lazy to wear too.. all i wear are ear rings..

  4. haiyoh, buy so many for what?? is she going to wear 10 of those kind of bling bling rings all the time?? hahaha~~ :D

  5. I can never figure out your money from our American, but I take your word they were cheap! Yes, too many choices is confusing and then I can't decide at all!! I'll send you my e-mail tonight!

  6. YOU sparkle!

    Aloha from Waikiki :)

    Comfort Spiral


  7. Haizz... nice... but for me, sure kenot... my fingers too small. LOL... my wedding ring... i oso dun wear on my ring finger... it's too big for me... wear it on my forefinger. lol.

    I prefer earrings too...those dangling dangling ones! LOL!

  8. The gigantic one is not bad, I don't mind to have to wear for dinner.

  9. TQ for visiting me and put me in ur list.
    Thanks for sharing this

  10. sk: those are for show only. hahaha..

    ginny: they are only 2-3usd.. cheap??

    cloudia: i didnt buy .. so no sparkle.. hahaha..

    cleff: me too..prefer earrings anytime!

    sheohyan: can sparkle throughout dinner!

    stella: welcome!

  11. oh they are lovely. i love rings. are they for sale?

  12. shining. So, which have you choose Claire...All 10?

  13. Too blinky la.. sekali the snatch thieves mistaken it for a real one then susah :-)

  14. barb: yes, they are on sale.. by a colleague..

    ling: didnt choose la.. i go for earrings one..hahaha..

    kiasu: sigh.. hopefully not!

  15. Hi Claire,

    Wow, I loved those small rings on the first photo. A different color each would be nice!

  16. Wah thats not a few but alot lor. 10 jari wear all liao! I seldom own one, guess will go invest one for special event

  17. So nice....I love those rings..

  18. ipohgal: if buy 10 , it cost RM70 only.. :0

    angeline: no need to invest.. that is very cheap one.. hahaha..

    mery: :)

  19. the rings are very cheap as compared to the shops or the online stores, they look nice too..

  20. Haha of course, real ones are always the best! Sometimes too shiny also no use.. people see also can tell it's fake one. :P

  21. agnes:yes, some can very cheap.. only made expensive when you buy them in shops..

    sweetwitch: hahaa..serious? too shining no good? i thought must go for shining ones..

  22. Terrific work! This is the type of information that should be shared around the web. Shame on the search engines for not positioning this post higher!

  23. if only all were mine..can wear different one each day :)

  24. seriously, is lynn your friend? if i were her, i would feel like you put the post up to ridicule me on the www. even though you might say she doesn't mind and alright with whatever you writing up, but look at some of your comments about her! it's just not right.


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