Sunday, November 14, 2010

Shoe Shopping Spree

My Girl and I went "Shoe Crazy" yesterday. We woke up very early, I mean I woke up very early 8am... (don't know why nowadays very early riser) and switched on my computer. An hour later called my girl up and as usual, she will ask, "Where to eat? Go where?"

When I answered her with these two words "Parkson Grand," she gave me a sheepish smile...

After our breakfast at the top floor of Parkson, we proceeded to walk along the shops... Started very "innocently" one, we began to walk slow like window shopping.... we browsed around here and there...


IN NO TIME... she was carrying these bags....

these few days she seems to be carrying bags ...

came back with these...
sorry, not so environmental friendly.. huh...

and all belong to me except for one pair...

My most expensive shoes in my entire life!
I have been eyeing these pair for many weeks...
Contemplating to buy or not to buy for many times....
And finally I bit my "teeth nerves" (ngar kun) & brought them home

Hush Puppies Weighless Shoes, so it says...
RM269.00 ONLY... hahahaa...
Actually been waiting countless weeks for someone to buy for me..
but since no signs.....sigh.... dig out own pocket la!

OK, wanna guess whose boots these belongs to??
hahahaa...needless to say la, right?

The Triple "S"


  1. OMG... Hush Puppies... Hush Puppies shoes are very comfy. Same level with Scholl. I used to own a pair...a Hush Puppies boots... bought in 2002, and last all the way to 2009. :( Too bad, now the shoes terbakar liao during my house fire. :( Else I still can wear it!

    Great choice on the Hush Puppies... mahal, but can really last very long. Wear for 5 years oso no problem!

  2. Auntie ... Parkson grand got what to eat for breakfast ? Wah... Expensive shoes! It's ok la, can last longer. I also just bought a kangaroo working shoes for rm200.

  3. You will both be very stylish! I love the boots. I always wanted a daugter to shop with, you are so blessed to have these special times with her. And I do see no boys along to carry her bags now, and she is NOT making mom do it! Mom should not carry if she is paying! Ha ha ha!!

  4. Wah shopping Queen you are! ~ crowning the tiara on your head! LOL

    Nice shoes! Money spent can earn back too!

  5. cleff: this is the 1st time i owned one.. hahaha.. sorry to hear yours are burnt liow.. never mind,buy another pair..

    chris: not $200? :) Parkson top floor lots of makan there..

    ginny: yes, i hope i made the right choice.. no boys this time.. all scared away.. hahaha..

    twilight: wah.. got tiara for shopping one ah?

  6. Are the shoes for this coming xmas or CNY? hi hi...

  7. those boots!!

    Anyway, that reminds me that I need a (few) new pairs of shoes.... =p

  8. Wow! Boots and comfie walking shoes.. getting ready for the coming overseas vacation?

  9. amy: she has a place to go.. wonder whether the boots will last.. hahaa..

    angel: we love buying shoes, dont we?

    inspiredmum: more or lessss.. haha...

  10. nice shoes. wow the hush puppies one is expensive but lovely. is it for your walks in the park?

  11. Huhuhu, I never own such expensive pair of shoes in my life. Must be very confy shoes! I like the black boots, hhehe

  12. Good on ya,,keep those new pairs of shoes for christmas........recently my bro in law gave me a pair of Hush Puppies...............i lagi ho men.hahahah

  13. Claire: I love ur black boots! My most expensive i spend in shoe is RM165. I really gila shoe too!

  14. Yea when I bought my first Hush Puppies, I also contemplated for a long time! But no regrets! The pair lasted me til now, after, what? 4 years? LOL!

  15. barb: sort of.. for going outstation or for long shopping walks.. :p

    moon: too bad our weather does not permit wearing boots..

    angeline: i also same.. gila shoes!

    sweetwitch: the price justifies!

  16. Which Parkson is this? Hush Puppies sells the most comfort shoes.

    Don't own Hush Puppies, I only own Carlo Rino, not bad, the court shoes are comfortable.

  17. I used to wear Hush Puppies last time, now 2 pairs still in good condition, but recently changed to Crocs, it's more comfy than Hush Puppies.

  18. jessie: as long as they r comfortable..

    cindy: i havent wear crocs before..Ipoh does not have a branch, right?

  19. ur gal is in the fashion phase now. she want to look beautiful...ngor leng ng moi meng.. cos boots so HOT in malaysia. but i guess ur yr end trip the boots is just fine. just a reminder..get her to wear it in malaysia for 2 weeks or at least season it b4 going overseas.

  20. Ya my kasut hangus liao. Aiya... see lorr... Hush Puppies those very expensive. Have to think a few times before make the investment. LOL... lately my addiction is kasut tikar. Slipper make from tikar... very comfy lehhh! And cheap... =.=

  21. so nice can shop till drop hoh?? :D

    nice boots.. :D

  22. Carie Bradshaw in the making!!Love those boots Claire!!

  23. nice shoes..i like shoes too but always won't go beyond my budget unless my husband buys for me.

  24. rachel: wonder where she will go with the hot boots here in Malaysia.. guess she has to walk around the house with that.. hahaha..

    cleff: wei.. show me a pic of kasut tikar, lady!

    cath: no drop yet.. she still got stamina..

    fely: for cold countries, they are nice.. :)

    wenn: either i must get a husband or i have to pay them meself! :p

  25. Although HP shoes is expensive,but I like to quality...worthy to buy.

  26. The shoes are really fabulous. The style and uniqueness will definitely attract everyone. The price tag is quite acceptable in its category.

  27. Oh i love to shop for shoes also. Went to HK, bought a few pairs, but due to limited storage,has restricted me to buy more...LOL

  28. mery: let me try first .. hahaa.. never had them before..

    vegasvip: thanks!

    mommyling: so what type of shoes did u buy? :)

  29. Black Pua chu kang boots....ha ha ha!

  30. pete... i never tot of that.. hahaha..

  31. wah! So many pairs of shoes in a day! Going for a holidays soon?

  32. THESE BOOTS ARE MAKE FOR WORKING......(rolling stones )

  33. Never seen u look so gorgeous!


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