Wednesday, December 29, 2010

All Out Of Love

In another two days it will be new year eve... 2011 is coming soon and I am soon getting married.. and... er... wonder who I shall invite... (joke of the year!)

Okay... Back to serious ranting.....

Few nights ago, I realized that life is indeed full of shocks and surprises... something you don't expect it to happen, it happens... and I felt a this sudden jolt after hearing this not-so-good news.. I rather not tell what it is.. it is something personal that happens unexpectedly to someone...

What I want to say is this.. "L, you are the same to me, yesterday, today or tomorrow.. no matter how you look, you are always a kind, you are a generous L to me... I will always remember you and I hope to see you one day, I seriously want to see you and hope that you will allow me to..... "


  1. I always believe that you are an extraordinary woman. I have my faith in you and I'm sure you have the ability in overcoming every obstacles ahead of you. Patience and perseverance surmount every difficulty.

  2. mingna:just ranting out how i feel..

    rachel: no..

  3. L? Who's L? Come, tell...spill the beans. It's're a mother, a career woman...but you're still a woman and a woman needs...a man! Good luck... Hehehehehehe!!!!

  4. sounds interesting but too personal for me to ask.

  5. You are making me curious to ask who this "L" is.

    Anyhow, whoever he/she is, I hope that your relationship will be rekindled.

    Take care ya and may the Lord bless you with a great 2011 ahead!

  6. Claire,..sometimes and many times it's not us as the timekeeper. you see him soon - good luck. oh ya, Happy New Year

  7. We are all waiting for the new year to come. Today is the last day of the year and we have planned to do a number of things today night.


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