Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hectic But It Was Good...

Today working life was much better than yesterday... work was hectic and aplenty but despite that, working happily with one another cooperatively made a lot of difference!

If only the bigger shots defend their staff than crying out loud... if only they give encouragement to one another when it is due.... like what had happened before dismissal time...

Despite the heavy workload, hearing some words of encouragement brightens up the day... I looked at the Poker and I saw some smugness there... hmmmm....well..well....

Hope tomorrow will be one of today... no tension, no chanting, no wolf cries.....


  1. Ur a very patient woman. I would have slapped poker if I was you. I can never tolerate nonsense!

  2. yeah, sometimes work can really be very hectic and demotivated.. so every morning, i'll pray that i'll have a smooth day to go.. hope for the same to you also lah~~ :)

  3. Are you working through Christmas? Whah...you are very hardworking! I think working with others builds up patience :P Hope you have a great Christmas! May your New Year be way lot better! Take care!

  4. cleff: cannot..i dont land up in jail la.. perseverance pays...

    sk: yes, like you, i pray each morning for wisdom..and patience..

    mary: of course not.. hahaa.. i dont work on holidays.. work is everlasting, family is more important anytime!

  5. When is your New Years? Will you have more time off? Oh, I guess your work situation is still stressful, are you still doing all that extra work?

  6. sometimes, no point fighting fire with fire. u'll both get burnt.

    perseverance pays, the truth will prevail.

    ppl are not blind.. u hang in there claire :)

  7. let's scream! :)

    it's closing account at work.

    it's due date for assignments submission and presentation for my study.

    i feel like screaming, but no more voice left.

    can you do it on my behalf? :)

    take care.

  8. I guess so, Claire...well... let's hope God will give you justice. He always has give justice, at least to me, especially when those who called themselves friends backstab me. God ALWAYS give justice, and soon, ppl will see who is genuine and who is pretentious.

  9. do one thing at a time...finish already, take a short break like making a cup of green tea.

  10. Patience is a virtue! Wishing you an 'all the best' tomorrow!

  11. Hi..first comment from me. My hecticness will come in approximately 1 day from now..hoah boy..
    Glad you survived! Cheers.

  12. once in a while, irrespective of religious beliefs, cool off, shut eye for a moment and transport oneself to a higher plane.. through meditation or prayer or whatever, it oways works by giving us a bird's eye view of our own lives and what we r doing in the grand scheme of things, whatever our rants may be at that moment in time :)

  13. ginny: i can only take leave after the first week of 2011...

    merryn: hanging by the thread, yes, be patient i will..

    faisal: yeah, closing account always get on everyone's nerves.. haha..

    cleff: cool down, girl.. hahaha.. let the fire dies..

    chris: now listening to Olivia Ong..

    alice: thanks!!

    ros: thanks for coming by first time.. work is always hectic when it comes to closing..

    bengbeng: thanks for advice.. God listens when we cry out for help.. it is only when at times we dont cry out to Him but we grumble and rant elsewhere.. :)

  14. Busy means we have job right? LOL :D

  15. I will go back to work on January 3rd... SIGH!!! But what to do? Have to earn money to make ends meet. Sobs!!! But at least, I had had a great holiday... Going to Kuching today - back day after tomorrow, watch out for my posts on that.

  16. Light at the end of the tunnel?

    all things shall come to those who wait,,,

    take care now

  17. Hopefully today will bring joy to you, :D

  18. tekkaus: yes, u r very right!!

    stp: work hard for the money, otherwise rot at home.. hahaa..

    eugene: this is working life ma..

    kristin: thanks!! same to u..

    zezebel: thank you very much.. same to u too.

  19. hi Claire, sorry about the bruise and the hectic schedule. I hope you still had a great Christmas.

  20. I had this feeling too when I was working, yeah it's hectic and busy but it's great because I feel productive. :-)

  21. great! ur day is better than yesterday..keep it up Miss Claire...

  22. tomorrow will definately be better :D

  23. somehow, i prefer hectic life than boring one..


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