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Hit And Injured!

I did not have time to post this up till today... but I had time taking some shots of my injury....

which part of the body had this injury?

I think many of you cannot guess which part of my body I had this big patch of blue black... it was actually swollen and it was caused by a tambourine I hit on myself ...

After the singing and dancing on that night, I felt something swollen on my thigh. True enough when I took off my long pants, the right side was swollen and it was already turning bluish....

This picture was taken one day after.... my kids were shocked!! Me too! Next time I better not be carried away by the music and hit myself too hard.....


  1. What is that tambourine made of? Iron???

  2. Wah, tambourine, luckilly not Bruce Lee's nunchaku....LOL!

  3. Claire, I am sorry but I really couldn't help laughing. It was caused by the tambourine that you hit on your thight while dancing and singing. By the way, you should use a cloth to wrap some ice cube and rub it. It helps to reduce the swollen.

  4. Well, we have a saying here. If someone is too hard on themselves, we say they are beating themselves up. But you actually did beat yourself up!! It a good thing you weren't playing the drums!! Wow! Talk about getting carried away by the music! You didn't even feel it at the time? I think you really throw yourself into everything you do, a lover of life!!

  5. OMG! Thtat sure look nasty! And caused by a tambourine?O.O

  6. Old age...blood circulation not so good liao, or some medication you're taking?

  7. mingna: looks like made of iron, right? my kids didnt believe me when i told them my thigh was swollen.. only when we came back, i showed them, they exclaimed! hahaha..

    pete: that one needs stitches liow!! hahaha..

    sheohyan: i put the chengkwai sui...

    ginny: yes, i really didnt feel it that time... only felt when everything was over.. lol..

    peah: yes, seriously! not abused! :p

    lina: yes, the tambourine! i must have hit it too hard on myself to get the sound out..

    stp: talking about age again.. sigh.. cannot deny we r past age hor?

  8. just need tien chat for the blood circulation..activize is as good.

  9. Ouch!!! Pain? coz sometimes even with a big patch there is no pain whatsoever... will surely take time to disappear..

  10. May be you got too carried away with the cheng cheng cheng, ok lah as long as you enjoyed it,kan?

  11. wenn: i applied the zheng kwai sui.. my son rubbed in for me.. so now it is ok liow..

    just: this is blood clot.. so need to massage to let it disperse..

    eugene: yeah lo.. worth it! haha...

  12. Tu lar. Who asked you to get too carried away? LOL :D

  13. Oh no! This look pretty bad to me...
    Hope you'll recover soon, take care!

  14. Sorry to hear that..hope you are Ok now..

  15. Aijor, must be hurting. I remembered the last time i had such a big purple patch when i back from HK. Got hit by the luggage

  16. Claire: If you knew it earlier, guess it will help with ice. How come tambourine also can hurt you so badly? Guess you are too enjoying, so beat even harder! Get well soon!

  17. This might be hurting you specially the pain feels more in the winter season, hope it get well soon, take care...

  18. tekkaus: got carried by the music!

    sjb: yes, i m now! :)

    hayley: yea, i m well now :)

    mery: i m ok.. only painful during first few days..

    carol: not now.. :)

    ling: it is quite normal that we get blue black, hor..

    angeline: i got carried away. haha..

    suzzane: now i have recovered.. in the hot humid weather actually..

  19. OMG I can foresee it turning into blue and black soon, and then bright red after!! :O But it's ok, will heal in a matter of time! :)

  20. u must hv been very excited rejoicing in the Lord..

  21. sorry claire...i laugh too when i read ur story...a tambourine! U must be too too too enjoy with the music and dance and and and.....

  22. poor claire...

    dont worry, you will recover soon and cny is coming soon. hehehe

    happy new year 2011 to u and ur family.

  23. I am giggling here! I wonder what's the tambourine made off...

    anyway, I hope it will fade away by New Year....dropping by to greet you a Merry 2011!!

    Big love from the desert!

  24. Im laughing my head off, so sorry. First time I heard that you can get blue black hit from a tambourine.

    Go, quickly and rub with oil.

  25. sweetwitch: yes, now healed liow..

    rachel: u r very doesnt matter..

    amy: yes, it was it that caused.. :)

    chvoon: wow.. yeah, in a matter of days!

    jessie: now ok liow.. this was last wednesday.. heheee..

  26. hahhahaha..this is too funny Claire. I've never seen or heard of anyone being so carried away while singing :) hope you are ok now. next time hit the person standing next to you with the tambourine.

  27. you got yourself drunk that night, is it?

  28. the music excitement make you forgot about the pain.. :D

  29. barb: that is a very very good idea!! hope it is a male standing beside! hahaha...

    lena: drunk with praises for God!

    cath: yes, yes.. i didnt expect it can be like that..

  30. OMG!!! What a big bruise! gosh, next year before you hit your tambuorine, make sure your thighs are well padded! Hahaha!

    Merry (belated) Christmas, Claire!!!

  31. must have been enjoying yourself very much singing carols! :)

    Well....God will heal since it was in His glory you were singing ya! :)

  32. You need tien chat for the blood circulation..

  33. looks like a pomelo skin...hehehe

  34. boeyjoey: if padded, the sound wont come out one.. hahaa..

    ann: actually it was already healed.. :)

    ahad: wow...u know more than i do.. yes, heard that is good too..

    ahngao: Bingo.. it looks familiar, right?

  35. aiyoyoyoyoyo...hope the bruise go off by now. You must be too too enjoy yourself!!


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