Sunday, December 19, 2010


During my Korea trip, one of the programs involved going to an amethyst factory where we were shown how the stones were cultivated and made into accessories for ladies and men. It was quite interesting especially when they showed us the minute details on how it was being done. But the turning-off part was when we were led to the shop where the purchases was done. The salespersons were very intimidating at times, they were very persistent, so much so that many of us just walked out without buying anything. In fact none of us did any purchase, maybe we were all too tired to negotiate about the price. As for me I prefer to do my browsing online nowadays, there are so many choices and designs especially this blue diamonds website here. I love blue.. they are very exquisite looking!


  1. I bought a diamond ring when I was there...but now too fat, cannot fit into my finger liao. LOL!!!

  2. I was not taken to this factory but taken to cosmetics and ginseng stores! My tour group bought over RM10,000 worth of creams and beauty stuffs! I spend over RM500 on deworm cream and botox gel which is great. Wrinkles gone and real worms also crawl out!!!!!!!!!!


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