Saturday, December 18, 2010

Winter Sonata Romantic Scenery

I heard about this famous Korean series but I haven't watch it before until now. Aaron managed to get the whole series pack from his friend and we have been watching it since. Something like those romantic slick movies, draggy a bit, like "you love me, you love me not" and "not wanting to declare your love there and then"..... oh well..... perhaps too slow for me but very romantic for my kids... hahhaa...

Here are some pictures from this Nami Island... my kids are besotted with the place... good for honeymooners and couples!

Bae Yong Jun and Fernie..

lover's park

the scenes in Winter Sonata

Their First Kiss in memory of Winter Sonata

Unicef Hall

Fernie having a feel...

posing here and there...

Aaron and the trees!

Andy in deep thoughts........

then they started to have fun.......

playing with the snow again...

Me... Love!

this was near the place I fell.... unromantically!

I was rubbing my poor head... what actually happened
it was all too fast.. i slipped and fell backwards..

still rubbing my poor head....

holding on to Andy for fear of my life!!!

while waiting for the ferry to come....

we warmed ourselves near the fire....

well, the end of Winter Sonata.....scenery....

next skiing...


  1. So snowy... I just love to see snow

  2. Lots of great fun pictures!! All walking surfaces look very slippery. No wonder you fell, and you are not used to walking on hard packed snow, which is very slippery!

  3. Wah! Wah! You guys really having the best time in Korea. My tour itinerary didn't bring us to Nami Island but we stayed at the chalet of Winter Sonata. I posted my Korea blog only twice and bloggers already shoot me but yours come in long series! LOL....

  4. GREAT PLACE TO VISIT!! :D really a good bonding time for u n ur kids! ;)

  5. Oh...very nice place.....I must to there one day.
    I watched this Korean drama before...actually I watched it twice.Love the story..

  6. mingna: i like to see and touch too but not fall..:(

    ginny: yes, i am not used to it..

    twilight: some might shoot me in silence.. hahaha..

    nick: yes!

    caroline: next time u go there honeymoon?

    mery: oh, u r romantic!! :)

  7. Hey that pose by Fernie in pix 7 reminds me of Kelvin's Emperor Shun with the same identical pose. So what was Fernie's thought then? haha.

  8. wow...... Korea.... a place I'm wishing to visit too. My son will definitely love the SNOW!

  9. I was once so into korean dramas until when I have had enough of the "I love you", "You love me","I don't love you" and "You don't love me.. From there onwards, no more korean dramas for me. Hahaha...

  10. bananaz: hey, i went there to take a look.. hahaha...

    mnhl: im sure most kids love that..

    inspiredmum: i dont really watch.. made me stress! haha..

  11. I enjoyed your photos very much.

  12. Whoa, year end holiday! I am so jealous! So, you ladies meet the real person or not? You know. that handsome actor! hehe..... Happy Holiday to you,Claire. Hope you're enjoying your evening.
    Blessings, Kristy

  13. you're a great mum!!
    nice family outing, claire!

  14. Hi Claire! Me back, haha. Wow, you did have fun at Korea, didnt you? With your beloved family too. Well, me also with my babies at a very very remote place in Thailand. Stay tune later!

  15. this is your own Winter Sonata, with the family :)

  16. Fell like nangka busuk ah? LOL. Lucky you not hurt badly.

    Very nice view la :D

  17. evelyn: thanks!

    kristy: they call him si lai satt sau!

    tuti: nice tour but come back sick.. hahaha..

    cy: hey, how remote???

    ken: our own remake! hahaha...

    kathy: yeah.. so much happenings!

  18. wow..lovely scenery in winter..maybe I should try it sometime.

  19. lucky you are!!Winter Sonata is a big hit here in Japan!I dream of going there just to see the scenery!I envy you dear^_^

  20. oh, i heard about this place being so popular with tourist after the drama.. i've never watched that drama actually though.. so you didn't take photo with Bae Yong Jun meh?? hahaha~~ :D

  21. I love these day i will come here too...but not this year..

  22. Wah...... So nice !! Next time I bring my pretty mistress there :p
    Want to hike kledang hill when I'm back for cny ? I may be back early.

  23. My good fren loves this show so much....later she married a Korean man! LOL!

  24. This place looks very beautiful... oh nxt time.. hihihi..

  25. so nice the scenery, i watch winter sonata series for 3 time ... crazy hor that time , still young mah .. hahhaha

    and u make me wanna go korea O.o


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