Saturday, December 18, 2010

Travel Plans

After this "chilling" and "freezing" winter in Korea, it has set some new ideas in me. I told my kids that I will not want to go during winter time again. Spring or autumn will be much better, anything but winter. I wanted to experience snow, well, I guess that was it. The cold wind was really like cutting into my face skin and it felt so good to wrap up the whole face except for the eyes. LOL.. Another thing I rather prefer when traveling is that the trip is not so packed and hectic like this Korea trip we went. I would rather go for trips on our own now, meaning that we book our tickets online, look for our own accommodation and planning our own ground tour. This time it will be our free and easy tour, we can relax and do our sightseeing at our own time and pace. That would rather be my choice for now, at least.
Well, of course going for guided packaged tour has its advantages. For one, we do not have to worry about getting lost in new places, wasting time looking through the maps, taking public transport, looking for places to eat and sightseeing. On the other hand, if we go on our own, we might have more time to rest, take our own time to go shopping, sight seeing, we can choose our own tours and places we love to visit.
Traveling is one of my passion, but as for now and months to come, I will rest first and of course start saving for our next destination. This time we plan to go to for our villa holidays in Europe, but definitely it will not be during the winter. This time we would rather go during spring time or autumn, Aaron told us that booking accommodation online is very easy. Lots of lodging to choose from, from villas in France to budget motels are aplenty here. Let's wait and see, how much we can save next year! :)


  1. You guys went by Air Asia but how you got the tour package? I must learn from you la... So clever lady!

  2. Agree with you totally. In addition to that taking winter jackets take up too much space! Travelling on your own is great. If you get lost, you will remember it as an experience :). Eat whatever you like too!

    Rest well, and get better soon!


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