Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Backlinks, Alexa Rank And Whatever...

Ok computer literate people, what is the meaning of Backlinks? Can someone brief me on this? I tried google-ing it this afternoon out of curiousity cos I wanted to know how many backlinks I have....

Why suddenly I asked about backlinks? Well, as you all know, I am A BIT addicted into blogging, right... and naturally, I like to make some extra income out of blogging too.. but then... I always get some replies from advertisers stating that I need to have more backlinks in my blog. Now what is backlinks? People linking back to us or...... adding our blogs into their blogrolls is called backlinks?

Anyway, this came out when I typed in my URL in the backlinks checker...

Yahoo Backlinks
Google Backlinks
Google PR
Fake PR Checker
Not fake
Alexa Rank
DMOZ Listing
Google Ban Checker
The domain name DOES NOT appear to be banned.
Domain Age
2 Year
Domain Registered Since

So....this table above.. considered nice or not nice? All I know is that the higher PR we have, it "smells nicer"... (sik heong) hahhahaa....


  1. I also dunno. Maybe it means links in your posts to previous posts...or related posts in other people's blogs.

  2. I also dunno. Maybe it means links in your posts to previous posts...or related posts in other people's blogs.

  3. Ooops...dunno what happened. Duplicate comments and under "Anonymous" some more... Tsk! Tsk!

  4. Sounds unfamiliar to me too... Eee.. I ain't a computer savvy...

  5. Like you, all I care is the PR hehe. but it's nice to know the blog stats, what tool did you use particularly? I googled backlink checker and they were just too many, i didn't know which oen to choose =)

    visiting from my other site =)

  6. It is really a great piece of post especially for those related to SEO. Backlinks are the deciding factors of every website's ranking. Alexa ranking also plays an important role in getting a good idea about the competitor sites.

  7. anonymous: me as blurred as u.. :)

    stp: sometimes duplicate comments happens...i also duplicate my own comments in my own posts before :p

    mingna: guess we r not computer geeks.. hehe...

    kero: i tried a few over there.. then only settled for this..

  8. I think it means when people link back to a particular post in your blog. Google loves backlinks, it means that your blog has very useful information so people link back to that information. When you find out let me know! By the way, 400,000 on Alexa is a very good result! Congratulations!

  9. I dunno know oooo.. I dunno know too..thot 'sik heong' is 'eat smell' hahaha..

  10. lasvegaslimo: i dont really understand...

    mamapumpkin: good ah? how come no moneyman looks for me? hahaha...

    bananaz: oh yeah! u r right.. so mine is mun heong tit!!

  11. wenn: we ladies never bother about that, right?

    babysmooches: hey, thanks for coming by..

  12. I have no idea.What website is that? How you check?

  13. Backlinks? I don't think I've ever heard of them! Did you find out?

  14. The 1st two comments by "Anonymous" - mine lah... Something went wrong - these days, my connection no good...

  15. pete: any advantages or not?

    cleff: i googled for it.. under backlinks checker! :)

    ginny: me and u are in the same shoes about backlinks then!

    stp: hey, u come under anonymous? hahaa.. i thought u were commenting about someone else.. maybe u wrongly clicked the circle under anonymous! hehee... me and u same era la...

  16. INTERESTING ! :) Let me try mine.

  17. Actually i am more illiterate than you are as far as all these jargon all conerned.,,, i just love to blog lah,,,, but hopefully one day someone will stumble upon my blog, likes it, make me a offer then i will be a celebrity blogger, having my own talk show, magazine interviews and more more but then agian............ dream on Eugene dream on

  18. ann: yes, and let me know.. :)

    eugene: aww.. u r looking for fame.. me just wanting to look for some $ to tide me by.. :) I m very shy to go for interviews or talk shows..(as if i got chance!). dream on, Claire, dream on...

  19. I dono too! Let us know when u know! :)

  20. Aiya I thought I would get the answer from your blog post! LOL! Nice rankings! :)

  21. Hi Claire,
    Thanks for putting the badge of the Bloggers Exchange. I will surely add your blogs for the next batch of listing.
    and I hope you will LIKE the FaceBook Page as well. Thanks!

  22. i dare not even type in mine... scared to know what will appear! :P


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