Sunday, January 16, 2011

Chillies Excursion On Sunday Morning

This morning I did something different, I went to visit a fertilizer company which specializes in agricultural products. These products came from Brazil and they are bought over to help assist our agriculture land locally. Anyway, some of us who have small gardens will never use these type of fertilizers, they are for vast agriculture plantations.

Anyway, I am not so informative about fertilizers... I just went to have a look-around and to "8" around my friend's office/factory in Simpang Pulai... Since it is a Sunday and I have nothing much better to do in the morning... hence......

behind my friend's factory is a small piece of land

just a small patch of area used to "sample" the fertilizers

made of coconut husks, no soil...
just need some irrigation...

they planted them in these coconut husks....

they grow just like the normal ones...

though one or two might bend like this....

or come out as beautiful as this one here...

can see me holding a chillie somewhere?

that was how I spent my Sunday...
plucking chillies....
next time I go pluck cucumbers!


  1. wei...can make Yong Tau Foo lo. The cili fat fat one..can put a lot of liu inside leh

  2. Cameron Highlands is getting more popular with its "plucking" activities... First it was flower, then strawberry and now chillie. What's next? Digging sweet potatoes? Haha...

  3. plucking chilies sound great! i never have that kinda experience (perhaps never think of that).
    p/s: never been to cameron highland T_T

  4. kathy: i have thought of that too!!

    mingna: hey, that is not camerons la.. it is in simpang pulai.. hahaha...

    mizzura: i better write there.. it is not camerons... :)

  5. wow, so that's a chilies farm?? cool to see all kinds of chilies.. oh, got cucumber also?? hehehe, can make nice salad out of them woh.. :)

  6. cath: yeah, out of coconut husk..

    sk: it is not a farm.. just some land behind my friend's office to be used as a "fertilizer sample" for dealers to see...

  7. wow, so nice! can pluck them yourself.

  8. How funny, when I first started reading, I thought you actually went to the country Chili!! In South America!! Guess I need some strong coffee today! How many chilis did you bring home? How will you cook them, do you like them? Be careful not to touch your eyes after you handle them!!! Love the pictures of the different kinds!

  9. Don't tell me this is a PPP post, for i am not too sure because you are just good so good for PPP,hahhahah.

    hey have a great week ahead ya

  10. missus would love this place. She gila-chilli one! But all she tanam, tak jadi! LOL!!!

  11. ginny: we plucked with the stem on.. so it wont sting our eyes.. nice plucking though..

    eugene: tsk..tsk.. how can u connect chillies with PPP... ouch! . now i no more doing that, but others.. hahaha...

    stp: i love to plant vege if i have land in my house, unfortunately no.. so i got to go other places to pluck.. lol...

  12. mmm, nice to make sambal belachan!

  13. Claire...bring a packet of them for me...can make yong tau foo and sambal leh ")

  14. pete: yes...keep for cny too!

    elin: no problem.. will pack them tonight..


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