Monday, January 17, 2011

To Wait Or Not To Wait..

My electronic gate is giving me problem again... actually I don't think it is the gate that is the problem but the control box. I have just installed the control box through my BIL, it cost me RM1300 just to change the control box. Now few months later, the gate cannot close properly, always leaving a small gap of six inches and sometimes more... sigh....

Told my BIL to do many times already and now it seems I have to change the railing... due to water, it has cracked at few parts. Money, money... money... everything cost money especially Chinese New Year is coming, everything will be charged more than usual....

Some more no bonus.... I guess I wait till after CNY... cheaper then.... even my kitchen roof is leaking....ahhhhhh......


  1. The electronic gates always seems problematic. My Sis I'm law's one also like that. She finally got rid of it and get a new one.

  2. i guess i have to do and pay a lot more.. can borrow money or not, bro?? sun leen lau lau..

  3. your elec gate not rosak due to lightning right. If yes, go claim from your house insurance.

    Actually you go thru your house insurance. Sometimes, there are things you can cliam thru them. My fren teach punya. She did that mah.

    One time her elec gate kena lightning. Then the electrician teach her to claim and including if TV or anything else rosak, claim from the hse insurance.


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