Monday, January 24, 2011

Islands In the Sun

When I met my ex colleague last night, the first thing she asked me was my Korea trip. "How was it?" she asked with a sweet smile on her face. I replied, "Gosh, that is the last time I want to go anywhere in winter!" and we started to laugh. Yes, I really got sick for nearly a whole month, chilled to the bones because of the freezing weather or perhaps I didn't wear enough of warm clothing, served me right. Because of my continuous coughing and flu, I told myself that I will not go traveling to cold freezing countries during winter time. If I am given an opportunity to travel again, I would rather go during spring or autumn, no more fighting against the winter anymore. I told my colleague that I will call her along if I were to go to western countries now instead of Asian. Ever heard of Majorca? She told me that this website offers cheap and affordable villas in Menorca where you can enjoy the countryside to a coastline of rugged cliffs, bask yourself in the quiet coves and blissful romantic sandy beaches. If you love outdoor life and yet feeling the peaceful surrounding, it says here that the villa rentals Majorca will be most suitable for families, couples and for all ages of life.

Well, as I browse through the information and details here in this website, I am sure many of us would love to experience a traditional rural life in this island, a tranquil and yet relaxing holiday for those who are always busy with work and pressure. What you need is a rustic holiday where you leave the busyness and pressure behind and enjoy this destination in Menorca, the second largest of the Balearic Islands. Hmmm... I would love to dream about this place though and hope it becomes a reality...

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