Monday, January 24, 2011

Lee Chong Wei Unprofessional?

Congratulations to Lee Chong Wei.....

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Much has been said in the badminton forum about Chong Wei giving unnecessary points to Taufik during the second game. Some said he was "unprofessional" to throw some points away in the second match after winning the first match easily by 21-8.

During the first game, one cannot deny the Chong Wei indeed was playing a good game or was it that Taufik gave up his first game after losing a wide gap in points? Well, both are good friends, as all the fans know...

I also noticed that Chong Wei was throwing away his points to Taufik during the second game where he was leading 17-7.... Taufik gained some points till he reached 16 and Chong Wei 18. I guess anyone could see that Chong Wei allowed Taufik to gain some points to save from being "embarassed?" Or was it that they wanted the fans to have a good time feeling excited?

Whatever it is, we know who the better player is.... Aaron told me that Chong Wei will be flying to Korea tonight... getting prepared for the Korea Opens on the 25th.... guess who will be very busy catching up with the badminton news again for next week??? hahahaa....

Well, at least the following weekend will be full of excitement again! Stay tuned for next week!


  1. I thought I was being sensitive because that's exactly what I felt throughout the game. He has been in his top form since the very beginning of the game. I thought he was over exhausted... I feel that... sigh ~~~

  2. Hmmm...maybe they put on a good show for fans? I am glad they remain friends, though!

  3. Taufik's getting older already... Been around for quite a while now.

  4. mingna: so u noticed too.. i also thought like that and then the badminton forum too.. anyway... it doesnt affect me much.. :)

    ginny: in a way, he is sort of "helping his friend" by adding a few points up...

    stp: Lcw is one year younger than him.. in a way, he was like giving up on the game..

  5. Claire, meman die hard fan of badminton...never miss a single match

  6. Huh, I missed the game!!!

    Anyway, nice to meet u..
    do visit my blog and feel free to leave comments, thx :)

  7. ling: only when Malaysian players are involved.. hahaa...

    luciana: great..I will..

  8. Datuk Lee Chong Wei is such a blessed to have a fan a.k.a supporter as loyal as you.

  9. Dunno, somehow I felt lcw getting arrogant lately. Bam should start finding new players.

  10. sheohyan: hope he knows!! hahaha...

    chris: well, i dont know him .. so i cannot say...

    stp: so?? LOL...

  11. I used to be badminton fans when I was small...but now I hardly watch any badminton matches.

  12. badminton marathon again....enjoy your game.

  13. you are really badminton fan for sure.

  14. i never watched this part though..i just watched part of it in the restaurant, do you really think he was giving away some poins? it's risky especially when taufik came so close to his score..everybody is watching, the bam, the coach, hasmah and rosmah..

  15. As long as there is spirit of sportmanship then ok lah!

  16. mery: maybe you will have more time when your kids are bigger like mine! :)

    mnhl: yeah..all the way till this weekend!

    lena: i think taufik knows.. yeah, i think it is a risk!

    pete: i think both of them are good friends in and off court...

  17. Haha :D Yeah!But as long as he did not blow up his chances is still ok I guess. :)


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