Saturday, January 29, 2011

Italy Hotels

Just now my girl and I had a talk about her future.. what she is going to do after her finals end of this year. The first thing she wanted to do is to take up car lessons, being able to drive is an advantage to her later on. Since her driving lessons will be in December, our plans to go overseas will not materialize until in January or February. While waiting for her results, she has plans to go somewhere far, three months holiday is quite a long time, right? Well, after all the hard work, one deserves a good rest.
This time if given an opportunity, we would like to go to US or Europe. We have to start saving our money now, it is not cheap to go somewhere so far from our country. There are many countries in Europe but one country which I would love to go is Italy. I have seen and heard so much but have never been there yet. It would be fun and enjoyable to have a nice relaxing holiday there, no more tour packages but to go on our own. One of the hotels I came to know is Holiday Inn Turin, just stumbled upon their website where it offers some great promotion. I guess there are many others but those who have stayed in this chain of hotels before will love to come by to this Holiday Inn Turin, Italy.

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