Friday, January 28, 2011

Chinese New Year Preparations

The song goes.............Kong hei lei.. kong hei lei.....

Nowadays the 9.88 and other radio channels are playing all the doong doong chiang songs.. (chinese new year).... in a matter of days, 5 days from now, we will be having our reunion dinner.... you and I....

So... how do you feel? How do I feel? I am feeling exhausted now in fact... planning to take two days off for this festive season.

Tomorrow we will do some last minute cleaning in the house... so... don't call me to go out... don't tempt me to go eat something....... hahahaha....

This year we are using recycled notes from last year...
bank said no new RM10 and RM5 notes!!!
how come like that one??
Any answers?


  1. I didn't know there was a shortage of new RM10 and RM5 notes until this afternoon when I had tea with some friends. One friend insisted she paid the bill and with a RM50 note hopefully she gets herself some RM10 change for Ang Pau money. Hahaha..

  2. hahha.. like that also can? they gave me old rm10.. but i used them up liow.. wonder why they dint print them this year!

  3. Really? No new notes? I won't know cos I am not qualified to give angpows yet haha!

  4. My ex-classmate is the Consumer Head in OCBC. I got a stack of brand new RM10 notes from her.

  5. foongpc: carry on unmarried! hehee..

    mingna: stack?? wow.. next year i will ask u to get a stack for me.. serious.. this year, the cashiers didnt give us any.. i guess i have to fold up the 1rm ones!

  6. i dont know i seem to be a bit easy this year, not really rushing for things, i think i justhave to wait till mon or tues to do some marketing, can call you out for drink or not during the new year?

  7. oh my..i hvn't even started decorating my house.

  8. Beautiful centerpiece. Have a great celebration. Also a terrific week-end.

  9. i want ang pao from you kekeke

    mmm new or old, the main point is inside the angpao with money kekeke

  10. Beautiful flowers!! Will you be buying moon cakes, or does that come later? Celebrating is hard work!!!

  11. Wishing you a wonderful celebration!

  12. lena: cny a bit busy la.. cos in laws staying in my house .. wait till the following week, then i m all for u.. hahaha....

    wenn: oh,i never decorate one...that one old old deco...

    patty: thanks!!

    sjb: thanks!

    chvoon: hey, that is very true!

    ginny: yes, have to make the house pleasant and clean.. phew!!

    cheryl: thanks!!

  13. I got new RM10 notes...but no new RM5 ones. Your flower arrangement really nice. Did it yourself?

    I'm sooooo tired...been weeding and cleaning up the garden all morning. So much suffering...just to celebrate the New Year. Haven't cleaned the house yet... SIGH!!!

  14. nice decor :) yeah this year not many new notes. i got recycled ones too :( Gong Hei Fatt Choy to you and your family.

  15. Despite the govt goons assurances that they'll be ample new notes, the banks seem to have the lack of it. Maybank passed the buck over to Bank Negara whom they alleged that only one consignment of new notes were handed to them.

    Fyi, i'm recycling old notes too ;)

  16. stp: over here, i am not able to get those two denominations.. oh, do i have to clean house? gosh.. i almost forgot..waiting for my samsons to come home!!

    barb: this year i didnt manage to get.. never mind.. give less.. haaha...

    gratitude: yeah, i heard BN is not printing out much.. sigh...

  17. Ya, me too! The banks kept the new RM10 notes for their VIPs only. I can't get new RM5 and RM10 too! But my ex-colleagues can get new RM10 from the bank (since they are working in a housing developer, bankers always needed to keep the staffs happy in order to get more housing loans). Not fair!


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