Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lovely Gifts From Near And Far...

What does Christmas and Chinese New Year have in common?? Well, the answer is GIFTS!
Yes, during these two festive seasons, I am so blessed with gifts, edible and non-edible, but I am sure you can guess which I rather prefer... hehehee... something that can be tasted and not wasted! hahahaa...

Yes, I have these wonderful tasty great stuff from friends far and near... here on my dining table is a half portion of what I received as new year gifts... supposedly to keep for Chinese New Year but as you can see, most of them are opened and eaten!! hahhaaa...

everything I like ... are here...

two packets of meat floss...
home-made by my colleague...

from KL SK.....
must keep this for CNY...

I just received these yesterday from a KL lady too
Poppy seeds and black sesame cookies... so so nice!
Just a few pieces left only!

these were hand delivered from a KL lady....
they look "gorgeous!!"

these... no need to guess... almost finished too by now..
she gave me another 2 big tins of nga ku too...
(not in picture cos under safe keeping!)
Thank you so much, friends,
Sure feeding me very well... hahahaa...
I guess this will be a FAT new year!!
Not FATT ... FAT.... hahahaaa.....


  1. All the biscuits and other titbits looks yummy..

  2. You're so lucky to have received all those gifts... FREE! I need to pay if I want to get them... UNFAIR!!!

  3. mery: each time after dinner, i makan them...

    mingna: wait till u put on weight then u wont say UNFAIR!! :p

  4. wow, that's nice..I have bought only a few selected ones for CNY.

  5. so blessed..why no one give me wan :( Not fair :p

  6. so nice... and ya.. happy FAT year.. LOL..

  7. *blush blush* I sent u ntg. Why? Cuz I dowan u to kena food poisoning. =.=

  8. Hi! I am sorry I haven't been around for awhile, but hopefully I will be around alot more now. Your post is making me so hungry! You have wonderful friends to give you such gifts. Enjoy!

  9. wow.. cool! Though I do not know them, but such cookies are so yummy-looking! mmm.. :)

  10. You are very lucky! I wish I had friends that would send me food!! I think this is because you yourself are so very sweet and generous!!

  11. ahh me too! colleagues and relatives gave lots to us, n hampers n drinks n even mandarin oranges. =.=

  12. All these CNY cookies are just toooooo good to resist...Eat first la...the word FAT doesn't exist in my dictionary...hehe. What is FAT? kekeke.

  13. *sigh* Why la I tak pandai cook... u see, SK's ngaku so pretty... I got fry some too... but it was... *dot dot dot*

  14. wenn: quality ones? i go visit u..

    elin: cos everyone knows u bake and cook very well.. so it is fair that they give to the "not clever cooks" like me!! heheehe..

    chris: see got time or not!

    cath: sama-sama fat!! hahaha..

    cheryl: yes, i have wonderful frens and bloggers!

    foong: correct or not? hahaha..

    cacai: yes, cookies for CNY... blessed..

    ginny: i hope i m as sweet and generous as them... hahaha..

    carol: yes, boxes of oranges come in now and then...

    olive: lol.. you are good! ok, i quickly go delete that word from my book too!

    cleff: *shake hands* *high 5* we now rely on others.. hahaha..

  15. @ Cleff : woi jangan bodek..u want i give u raw ngaku to fry hahahaha.

    Claire .. sob sob why Elin's crab stick so nice geh..i fry ones hangus punya...haiz..yet to master the skill

  16. AIYOOOORRRRR!!!! Like this, no need to buy anything for New Year already lor, so many things liao!! Some people are so lucky... Tsk! Tsk!

  17. Well, here's wishing you a FAT New Year then. I am bad. I banned my kids from eating the cookies so they're unopened as yet and everyday the kids beg. Hahaha.

  18. i think i better go and get some nga ku and the crab sticks from my mum today, she also bought some for me.

  19. Never first then later exercise harder. CNY cookies really very hard to resist! :)

  20. waaaaaaaah, happy munching yeah! gong xi fa cai!!!!!!!

  21. kath: yeah, give her raw ones.. hahaha.. let her learn.. so young, must learn one..

    stp: so.. ever thought of migrating over here? heheehe..

    MG: i opened almost all.. try try ma... *excuse*

    lena: i wonder what else u baked and made...

  22. ann: too irresistible!! yeah!

    irene: wallop first.. torture later! hahaha..

  23. So fast aledy makan liao! If put on weight then got "hock", quickly go buy toto, sure kena lah!

  24. I used to crave for CNY cookies, but not this year. I don't know why also. Good also la! Won't get fat.

  25. hahaha, unfortunately for me and fortunately for you i am not going back ipoh this year (unlike my annual pilgrimage previous yers) because the Ipoh gang is coming down to KL... coz if I do step into ipoh i will come drop by your house and eat your cookies... haha... ok and give you more too, happy FATTTTTTT new year, claire!

  26. temptations are everywhere during CNY and my waistline keeps expanding. :(

  27. long as you are happy munching on those goodies....don't worry too much on weight gain.

  28. So many goodies. Send some over to me lah! :p


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