Wednesday, January 26, 2011

VIP Came To Ipoh Town....

Last night it was like Rush Hour.... my heart was like thumping so fast and was feeling kind of helpless... Elin and I had an appointment with a VIP supposedly at 7pm... then last minute, something propped up and I phoned the VIP that we would be coming at 7.30pm...

On the way to pick Elin, I forgot that it was a pasar malam (night market) near her area, the cars were so jammed up in between... and it was nearly 7.30pm... Quickly, I called up the VIP again and said we would be arriving late, half hour late.....

VIP was very understanding, told us to take our time... don't drive like Formula 1, we were told.. haahaha... well, my son took over the wheel... mum here hates the heavy traffic cos she is a very impatient lady!

Finally we reached the VIP's Regency Tower, apologising profusely to her ... wondering who was hungrier... she or us... lol...

Then off we went... to Sun Tuck Kee for our dinner... these were what we had....

fried bihun...

wantan hor.. noodles in egg gravy

claypot loe shu fun (short noodles)

meat balls

steamed octopus...
(Paul's species) urgh???

Ipoh famous bean sprouts

stewed chicken feet...

after some minutes... going .... going.....

gone!! there were 5 of us.....

The VIP cum Sponsor...

Thank you so much for the meal, Mandy!!
paiseh la..
The Guest paying for the Ipohians...
Anyway, we hope you pay again... I mean... pay us a visit again!! haahaa....


  1. New hair cut ah Claire???? Very nice!! lovely looking!!!! ^_^

  2. The blanched octopus was real huge! I can imagine how crunchy and juicy they were...

  3. Hey, I love chicken feet and it has been ages since I last had this dish.. Yumz!

  4. cath: yes.. baru cut.. hahaha...

    mingna: actually they were overdone a bit.. if only they took them up 2 minutes earlier.. :)

    inspiredmum: we love chicken feet too.. esp when they are soft and nice..

  5. their fried noodles are always good, however next to their shop,there;s also another tuck kee, also very good, used to get mistaken between the 2 shops, all their chairs and tables arangement are alike

  6. I think I just hear my stomach sing an underground rock song! Seeiii... the bihun looks so yummy! *DIES*

  7. Poor Paul...ended up on your table. :p

  8. Poor Paul...ended up on your table. :p

  9. VIP from which party? he he he!

  10. haha....I don't mind to pay and pay u all a visit...

    don't feel paiseh...

    Thanks for the company...

  11. All this food looks wonderful! Except the octopus, EWWWW! What is bihun? I have never heard of it. do you eat the octopus? What does it taste like? I think I would throw up!

  12. Sob! Sob! I wasn't there! I wanna eat those stuff too....except the chicken feet. Hah? Mandy sponsored? She memang very dangerous one... One minute you do not notice, all paid already. She's such a nice and generous lady, great friend too.

  13. lena: yes, i also dont know which is which.. next time try the other one..

    cleff: yes, that meehoon was nice actually...

    tekkaus: Poor Paul... sigh...

    Pete: start with M !! hahaha..

    mandy: fast fast must come then!! hahaha..

    ginny: it was steamed.. not raw.. lol..

    stp: yeah, u r absolutely right!! she is such a nice day.. thanks for introducing this wonderful lady to us.. gosh, rugi liow! hahaha..

  14. Is that VIP Mandy,,,, also STP's good friend ka?

    if she is the one, i will wait for her Penang visit,,, ok VIP?

    Now Claire you spot a new cut, to usher in the new year, so traditional, i mean not the hair style but the custom of doing everything new on CNY...

    sin nian kuai leh

  15. I been there long time ago. Miss the food there.

  16. new hair cut ah? Hahaha...wah you all really pandai enjoy ah. So many dishes. LOL

  17. Aikss....steamed Paul..geli lor..LOL!!

  18. Thought you are meeting up with the MB of Perak..not MB but Mandy..haha. Whoa love the clay pot tikus fun and Paul's cousin, errrr love chicken feet like but sorry not from the pixz hehe. tQ.

  19. I've never seen any food that I don't like in your blog hehe... everything looked so good!

  20. eugene: u got to make advance appointment.. maybe she sees u next year!! lol....

    sheohyan: dont come during cny time!

    kathy: enjoy her visit and so paiseh.. she wanted to pay for all..]

    ling: RIP..Paul..

    bananaZ: chicken feet, either some will love them or hate to eat them.. hahaha..

    chloe: i thought u dint like to eat everything i posted up.. have to read 2 times.. hahaha..

    stellaclaire: come over to Ipoh and taste them!

  21. yum! the food really looks appetizing.. lapar terus dis!

  22. meat balls looks yummmmmmyyyy.... :P

  23. The octopus looks scary la.. you dare eat ah???

  24. hi! Claire how have you been? I can see in all of your photos that you're a busy bee woman. Keep it up!

  25. Hope I will be going to Sun Tuck Kee for food when I'm back for the CNY.

    Can't wait to taste these food!

  26. What a happy bunch of ladies! Where there is food the world is a happy place, right? :D

  27. ms: i also lapar..

    medie: my girl loves meat balls too..

    kiasu: dare me.. hehhe..

    mery: not bad la..

    sam: keep busy eating, u mean!

    jessie: great..hope they taste good then..

    mary: have food will travel.. so they say.. haaha..

  28. Wow..the mee hoon look so good!! Yummy!!!

    So nice of Mandy, although i have not met her, but i know she is a sweet and nice lady. :)


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