Sunday, January 30, 2011

Lee Chong Wei Or Lin Dan?

In a matter of few hours, badminton fans will get to watch the two top "guns" vying for the biggest prize money for this year so far.. a whooping prize money of $90,000 (RM275,000)!! As Lee said, it will be the biggest ang pow money for this year... and of course, if only he wins! (well, even if he doesn't get to be winner, he still can bag the 2nd prize, for sure now)

I just read The Star, Lee Chong Wei had pocketed around RM210,000 for this month, just the beginning of this year, he made that much!! wow.... if only I know earlier, I would send my kids to drastic badminton training... hahahaha.... Naw... just kidding. It is no bed of roses to come this far, the tedious strenuous training and the sacrifice of missing out school is no joke!

Ok, back to badminton, lets sit back and watch our two top world players ... Lin Dan and Lee Chong Wei.... make a guess now.. who will win????

I am patriotic one... sure I will shout for Lee... heeheeheeee!


  1. Chong Wei, you have my vote!

  2. ginny: thanks!

    mingna: lets shout together.. hahaa

  3. So long didn't watch any game already. he he he!

  4. oh... Lee lost already.. but he put up a good fight this time.. sooner or later..he can beat Lin Dan.. hopefully!

  5. haha. yealor... how many times did they match and lee won? so disappointed...

  6. medie: at least he improved compared to last time.


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