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Nuffnang, What Is Wrong?

Dear Nuffnang,

I have seen and read a lot about you and most of them are positive comments coming out from bloggers around Malaysia. These bloggers are singing out praises about Nuffnang, how you have benefit them this, that and the list goes on and on....endlessly..... congratulations!

But as for me, being a Nuffnang member for over two years now and a Glitterati member, I do not understand how your network works.... I have written to you and abided to your rules and regulations.. yet today, my earnings since the day I became member more than two years ago still remains at RM39.61. What is wrong? No one is clicking them?

While others compliment you, I can only sit and brood.... and wonder what is wrong with mine.....


  1. Your post is so overpowering that visitors often get so engrossed reading your post till they practically 'see' through everything including the ads. Haha...

  2. hi nice post:)my first time to this.

  3. I read in newspaper, it take 8 years for Nick cheong to earn first paycheque of RM50!!! ??

  4. They have their own cronies I heard...people like... you know who la..people who are friends with the boss himself will get the giant share of the best ads...hahaha so why still want Nuffnang?

  5. Gosh, Claire...Nuffnang got their own cronies and favouritism wan la... if you're not an established blogger... or a camwhorer...or mebbe have some 'connection' and know ppl inside then u wun be able to milk money from Nuffnang. Geez... Gilerati? It means nothing... nothing at all... just that by being a Gilerati, u will not be allowed to take ads from any other companies in Msia. I dun do Nuffnang... scammers la they all...not femes... dun dream will earn from them~!

  6. From my experience, if you join every single event or contest they have or talk about them religiously, you'll become their darling and have lots of opportunity to earn. But not everyone has the luxury of attending all the events esp if they are all in KL.

    I was stripped from Glitterati to Ordinary because I put up Adgitize. Well, I earn more at Adgitize than at Nuffnang, so Adgitize won. I still put up Nuffnang's ad though.

  7. Same here. I am not in KL...but I do benefit from them. It is the advertiser who chose.

    And I think your paid posts...are not making any good impression for the advertisers... :/

  8. Claire... hello... same here... mine like 26++ since I open my blog... I just less faith with this network alreday LOL... may be go with other advert is better..

    *merajuk* ;-p


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