Tuesday, January 4, 2011

See Who's Fishing!

During the weekend we went to Taiping for a short getaway.... I love to go and relax looking at the greens during the day and then in the evening, we thought of going to Kuala Sepetang to savour the food... but this time when we reached there, we saw so many cars parked near the fishing village. True enough, when we went into the shop, there was a big crowd. We changed our minds and turned back to Taiping town for our dinner...

Here are some pictures I captured ....

I saw a crowd from where I stood..
out of curiousity, we walked over to their side..

such a nice lake in Taiping....

I love the reflections...

I think there was a fishing outing going on...


this path was very narrow..
we managed to squeeze through...

a lake for all categories of life...

good family outing...

all walks of life....kids, youngsters, elders...

everyone seems to be having a good time...

But I don't think I like to fish...
I find it boring.. hahaha... I rather take a nap...


  1. mingna: i told you i was there :) or didnt i?

    kathy: oh, u know i rather do something else, right? :)

  2. I used to go fishing a lot with my heng tais after school when I was younger...budak kampung ma... live by the beach...I like fishing... very calming...gives me time to reflect...I wish I can go back to those times... there's hardly any time for me to reflect now, Claire.

  3. yeah, i heard there's a very nice lake garden in Taiping.. it's really true as i can see from your photos..

  4. some say people go fishing becos they want peace of mind..hmm, i think they think more than they fish! it's a nice hobby anyway..not for me though...now.

  5. yikes.. i hate fishing too. I think for me, it'll be the fish that'll catch the rod and swim away..and I'll still be sleeping !

  6. Yes, u did inform me. btw, did u manage to find the cake shop in Taiping?

  7. it's been ages since I went to Taiping.. love the peacefulness there :-)

  8. mingna: i didnt la.. we ended up eating at the same old food court.. hahaha... never mind, next time i call u..

    cleff: those were the days, huh??

    sk: yes, very big big lake.. u will love it too!

    pete: u must have like fishing..

    lena: i shake hands with u!

    elaine: i think i do that too.. hahaa..let them escape while we sleep..

  9. If everyone is doing a good job in maintaining the cleanliness, Taiping Lake Garden will be even a better place.

  10. Nice photos! Love the lake! Wish to go there one day : )

  11. Haha!! I think I am like you too, prefer napping to fishing! : D

  12. *sigh* Those good old days are gone. T_T

  13. The lake and reflections are beautiful, I'm so glad you got out and walked around. I pretty much figured out that your thing is not killing fish! Plus then you would have to de-scale and cook them!

  14. Pond fish smelly...has the smell of mud, not nice at all...

  15. I am just like you lol, don't like fishing,,,,,,, i have only fished once in my entire life,, ,,,see that shows how i detest fishing,,,,,,,,

    agree with STP fish from pond,smell muddy,,,,,,,,,,

  16. sheohyan: yes, the municipal should go on maintaining this lake.. the scenery is very relaxing..

    foong: fishing is for patient people.. hahaha..

    sjb: yes, it is a hobby..

    ginny: maybe i grew up in a city, no chance to really love fishing then.. but love to see the scenery though..

    cleff: go Taiping one day to reminience..

    stp: this one is a lake.. very big lake so no smell one.. serious! one day if got chance, i take u there.. hahaha..

    eugene: we love karaoke-ing ma.. as i said, this lake no smell one.. it is very big..

  17. eh so nice?? can fishing at there summore.

  18. Aiya..Claire, i thought u went fishing n come back with a big fish to cook..

  19. hahhahah...i don't like fishing too!! "fishing" on the desk can la -napping.

    Hope still not too late to wish you Happy New Year Claire!

  20. caroline: those who like fishing will find this lake a good place.. very big!

    ling: i think i rather order at the shop.. or buy at market.. hahaa..

    annie: i nearly went 'fishing" just now.. my eyes kept drooping ...

  21. The waiting part is boring but when a fish actually bit the hook, the pulling it up bit is very thrilling.

  22. whoa, nice lake leh... hmmmm, i proly will sleep off while fishing, hahahaha!

  23. kiasumum: sounds like u like to fish!

    irene: me too.. me too.. hahaha..


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