Monday, January 3, 2011

Unchewable Stuff In My Mouth!

It has been some time since I last posted food in my blog and this time it was not about delicious food but food that turned us off right at the end of the meal.

The three of us went to Houston Cafe for lunch one fine afternoon. All was well with the food though the portions were quite small and we ended up not feeling really full. Last minute, Elin suggested ordering a plate of fried glass noodles to quench our satisfaction and indeed it came in a matter of minutes..... watch this!!

3 dishes... either we are big eaters
or the portions were really very small...

one more plate of glass noodles...

looked good...tasted nice...
but then........
when I was chewing the glass noodles, I realized that something was not right with what I was chewing on..... something was not crushed??? I took it out from my mouth ..........and.........

Yucks!! It was a plastic strip!!!

Immediately I snapped a picture of it and called the waitress over...
I asked her what this was....she didn't answer me and all she did was to take it away with the empty dishes....and without apologising too! Either she was too embarrassed or shocked, we don't really know.... We waited for a few minutes and then we asked for the bill... for your information, no, there was no discount... and no apology.....
Gosh!!! What a cafe!!!


  1. eewww! much better if you called the owner of the cafe...never to eat in that cafe next time or else...

  2. That's so gross! It's so rude that they didn't even apologise on top of making you pay for the full amount. It reminds me of a Malaysian restaurant here that we went when we first came. There were 3 pieces of short fine wire in my daughter's sweet corn soup!!! apology and we had to pay all in full! Well, the shop closed down not long after that. I think it's good cos someone may have been killed just because of eating there. take care. Happy New Year to you and your family! MaryMoh at

  3. This is totally unforgiven. Of course I had had similar encounters before but I always made sure they apologise for the terrible mistake they had made. Why didn't you ask to see the manager? Someone will have to bear the responsibility. If this happened to me, I would never let them go off so easily... >.<

  4. LOL...i thought ulat :p

    kira okay la...the day before i was boiling at one restaurant too. Service very bad.

    Havent got time to sort the photos...wait la...after i sort the photos sure kena tembak

  5. veta: i saw the waitress talking something to a man.. that must be the boss but i think they dint want to care..

    mary: Malaysian eatery places can get away with these type of time in penang food court, there was a fly inside my girl's bowl of mee, i told the man to do another bowl, but he gave me back the money instead.. like it was my fault!

    mingna: some shops dont want to create a scene so they keep quiet.. one time in dim sum shop, we saw maggots underneath a bowl.. that turned us off and u know what? they just didnt take into account of that bowl of porridge!! gosh!! now thinking back, we could sue them for the uncountable maggots!!!

    kathy: yes, slow service is another, but with maggots, flies, small cockroaches..gosh, that was inexcusable!

  6. oh that is very terrible!! it makes me think that they are trying to melt the plastic bag in hot oil, so that things can be more crunchy??

  7. Happy New Year to you & your family, Claire! May all the good things coming to you in year 2011. See, you kena lottery already! :o) Luckily, you didn't swallow it straight. Btw, how's your leg? Getting better? Hopefully, everything is going well at your side. Another hectic month to go... ya, Chinese New Year just one month away. lol! Have fun!
    Blessings, Kristy ((hugs))

  8. ayooo... I hope that was the 1 and only inside there... can cause cancer oh... -_-

  9. OH -how horrible... I'm shocked that they did't give you your meal FREE after that.... But--it's their loss, since you have gone public with it... Who wants to go in that restaurant now?????? Hopefully, their business will SUFFER.. That is inexcusable... Yes--mistakes can be made, but for them to ignore you is WRONG.

    Hope this week is GREAT for you, Claire.

  10. sk: yeah, i heard that frying plastic in hot oil make onions crunchier!! sui...

    kristie: thanks...yes, didnt swallow it bec it dint decrease in size.. hahaha... leg ok liow.. what else ah?? :)

    cath: goodness knows what else it will cause!!

    pat: yes, that is very unethical.. at least apologise .. sure it was not intentional..only careless..

  11. Houston: We have a problem, may day may day..Someone swallowed some glass with noodles and some still chewing the glass..
    Its a lame mistake for the extras the least the bozz could do it to apologise sincerely plus discount would be another gesture of good faith. Bozz dont know how to make people & biz hehe.

  12. What a lovely name ~ Houston Cafe! But you guys ate hawker food with plastic strip! Ha ha LOL

  13. I once found a long strand of hair on my tofu at an expensive steamboat restaurant in Singapore. I asked the Manager over and pointed to him the hair. He took the plate of tofu to the kitchen. 3 minutes later, he returned with the SAME plate of tofu minus the hair but you can see holes where he tried to pluck the hair from the tofu. ewwww.... we didn't touch the tofu. And I was charged for the tofu and there was no discount,no apology. I never went back. They folded after a year. Good riddance.

  14. Claire....hahaha I still remember how you chew and chew on it and thought it was a piece of tough squid :p

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. sometimes i wonder where have all the ethics gone? what's wrong with an apology??..unless they think 'oh,it's normal'

  17. I would have demanded to talk to the manager, and told him you should not have to pay. I'm just glad you didn't swallow it!!

  18. Omigawd!!! Was it used when they deep-fried the glass noodles? People say they do that when making cucur pisang and the like to make it crispier.

    With a name like Houston, I wouldn't bother Boston - expensive and not really nice.

  19. bananaz: pride is in the way.. i think if he apologises, he has to give discount.. so better dont say a word.. made dont know..

    eastcoastlife: i think it is asian's culture not to apologise or give discount.. hahaha..

    elin: why me? why me???? :)

    lena: i think it is the latter.. normal! so that was why they didnt bother..

    ginny: in your country, i think u can sue him left and right already.. hahaha...

    stp: i agree with you, Boston also not nice, been there once.. so what's next? :)

  20. Hi Claire! Dropped by to greet you and your family a Happy and Prosperous New Year. I'm hopefully back blogging after spending much time on so many things as well as FACEBOOKing.

  21. OMG! That's so disgusting! And to know that they didn't even apologize? That's really too much lah.. boycott!!

  22. Claire, she is speechless jor. If she said something scared kena bamboo by you all..LOL

  23. I noticed many eateries never train their staff on how to handle sensitive situations.It would have been better to summon the owner for an explanation.

    Thank heavens it was just a plastic strip and not a dead mouse ;)

  24. SUE! write to the consumer's association!

  25. In other countries probably worth suing but in Malaysia I would say save it la. It will either take too long or too much of your time. Sigh...

  26. wow, i would have demanded for an apology or at least make sure that someone is aware what happened. don't go there anymore Claire.

  27. food outside is unpredictable..

  28. Lucky you did not swallow it down. It would be a disaster

  29. Alamak, it's so unhygenic. Now all of us get to boycott Houston cafe, cos we read it here.

    BTW, where's Houston cafe? Wanna tell my parents not to go there and boycott when I'm back in Ipoh for CNY.

  30. marie:good to see u back in blogging...

    sweetwitch: yes, boycott temporary.. :)

    mommyling: perhaps so.. but knowing us ladies, we wont bamboo one..

    amy: careless!

    gratitude: if dead mouse, i got no chance to write it down now! hahaha..

    medie: what is the number? :p

    kiasumum: yes, we asians dont wan to go thru hassle..

    barb: it has been one month plus .. yeah, not going there as yet.. the memory is still strong..

    rachel: hey, what made u think of that?

    wenn: sometimes i dont look at what i m eating...

    chua: true, yeah,.what would happen?

    jessie: sounds so harsh la..hahaha.. just dont order glass noodles..

  31. Oh! You should make a fuss and refuse to pay for the meal!

  32. foong: if u were there, u would? we didnt do that lar..

    sjb: the least they can do, yeah..

  33. Oh my! Where is this restaurant?

  34. Eating out gave us surprises sometimes. Lucky it is not HAIR. haha

  35. cindy: I will tell you in email.. :)

    mnhl: hair is very common, i always experienced that...but not plastic :)

  36. At least they need to apologize leh... maybe you didnt make noise so they act like tidak apa..

  37. i had bad experience with sweetchat cafe too, crap services. sound also no respond wan. sigh!

  38. mommymoon: we dont want to create a scene .. sigh...

    irene: i think they scared to compensate la..


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