Monday, January 31, 2011

Tarts, Oh Tarts!

Tarts, you are one of my favourite melting moments ...

I look forward to each Chinese New Year where I can put these sweet melting pineapple tarts into my mouth and savouring them slowly.....before they land into the hot furnace of my stomach... sounds gross??? heheheee...

Well, yesterday I landed myself in my friend's house to watch her prepare her once-a-year "Tarts".... not just there to see but to help out, of course *wink* .. more or less...Help!! Eat!! Help EAT!! .... so it is more or less justified... hahaha....

ok now the preparation....

a closer look at the pastry on cute paper cups...

see the round yellowish thing on top??
yours truly here did that!!
(I washed my hands before I did them, OK?)

aren't they cute..... hmmm.....

the baker.. the pineapple tart-er..

into the oven.... 20 minutes..
so she said....

OK, my work was done..
I went home to watch badminton then...
I wonder how many tarts I have earned....
She asked me to go collect today...
I paiseh... cos
I have eaten a lot yesterday!! lol....


  1. Oh man... my hubby fav.. hihihi... so generous of pineapple jem there... nyum!!

  2. wow, the tarts look yummy. bet they smell great too :) Kong Hee Fatt Choy to you and your family :)

  3. Pineapple tarts can be quite a chore to make. Esp when it comes to cooking the pineapple. But the delicious cookies is worth the effort isn't? :)

  4. lol. labor and eat at the same time is totally justified. :p
    happy new year, claire, to you and your clan!

  5. Claire, Happy New Year! Your friend piped the dough into the cases, then place the jam on top? Very clever and save a lot of time using the cutter.

  6. cath: yes, i gave generously..hahaha...

    barb: yes, they are her signature tarts.. she sells them each year..

    meiteng: she does it once a year for cny..

    tuti: phew.. so it is justified..! thanks!

    ann: yes, hers is the soft type.. it melts in the mouth..

  7. Another variety of pineapple tart with the filling on top. Looked good.

  8. Pineapple tarter! LoL! That sounds.. so weird! :P

    I love pineapple tarts! I can never get enough of them!

  9. Oh my goodness Reanaclaire, my mouth is watering as I read this post. Oh the tarts look so yummy.

  10. Your tarts are very very delicious, but again your Datur Lee Chong Wei lose again last night.

  11. Oh..that is my favo biscuits...
    Looks yummy..

  12. These are so cute! And I bet they are delicious!! Did you return and eat more?

  13. mingna: they r good..

    wenn: me too...

    merryn: wierd or not..wallop la!! :p

    cheryl: anything sweet, i m in too!

    yan: just by few points.. now the chances is 60/40...

    ken: what is that sign?

    mery: yes, they are my favorites too..

    ginny: yes, surely i will go .. but then got to pay this time.. hahaha..

  14. Looks very professional. I love pinappe tarts, my sil is Nyonya, her sil makes them, and she always orders a jar for me when I was in Singapore.

  15. What a big ball of pineapple jam! LOL!! My missus bought the rolled ones...

  16. Hey! Can see you in the mirror. Who's the one making the tarts? Your family member or you towkay neo, got helper at home. LOL!!!

  17. I no eat tarts, dont know why lah, may be sweet stuff i shun..

    hey claire san nin fai lok ya

  18. was your friend. Missed that the first time... Hehehehe!

  19. ann: yes, there are different ways of making it.. some like it sweet, while many does not..

    tekkaus: those are pineapple tarts! :)

    stp: yes, i saw your rolled ones.. i have that at home too but not as nice.. that lady is my cell leader la..hahaha..she is the boss, i helper only... yeah, i saw myself in the mirror too..hahaa...

  20. Nice cookiee! can i try?

    Happy Chinese New year 2011 to you and your lovely family.

    Wish you prosperous, healthy, delightful & happy rabbit year!

  21. the base looks unique, unlike the flat ones i'm used to.

    blessed new year to you & your family!

  22. wowowowowowhoaaaa...those lovely little blooming pineapple tarts...I start to drool now...

    How do they look after the 'oven-bathing' dear?

  23. I have just enjoyed your entire first page. WOW! Beautiful families, lots of talent, yummy FOOD! Thanks for having me.

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