Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Save The Headache

Last minute shopping? No, actually I did mine last week, thank goodness...

If I do my shopping today, I would have a headache or heart attack.... all shopping malls are so jammed up... the roads leading to the malls are practically at a standstill.. (ok, exaggerating a bit here)

Anyway, if you see the traffic, you will have second thoughts about going to the malls...

Just now I thought of an idea.. I told my kids, "why don't we call a cab to pick us up at the house and drop us in Jaya Jusco... then when we finished our shopping, we take the cab back!" Good idea, kan? Save petrol, save the hassle of finding parking... save time... But only Money Not Saved! :p


  1. Heard that tonight the mall will open until mid night, or should I say until morning. I am still thinking whether I should go out tonight.

    Here I wish Gong Xi Fa Cai. Fatt ah!

  2. Same here in Penang, the roads to the mall are all jammed up.

    And Jaya Jusco will still be jammed every CNY.

    Kong Hei Fatt Choy!

  3. I went to Jaya Jusco this morning. I parked my car at the roof top and was stuck there for more than 30 minutes. A lot of cars couldn't pass the auto-gate because the grace period of 20 minutes was over. I... was one of them. :(
    The moral of the story is: Never go to major shopping complex during festive season. If you need to do your last minute shopping, go to 'Chup Foh Pou' (sundry shop).

  4. yan: yes. nowadays open till midnight..

    jessie: hope you have a good time in IPOH...

    mingna: that is why i dont want to go even when my girl kept pestering me.. i think taxi also dont want to go.. hahaha... they might ask me to cross the road myself..

  5. Last minute shopping can be good for our health you know. LOL :D


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