Friday, February 4, 2011

First Day Gathering

On the first morning of CNY, we were rudely awakened by a "live" liondance at exactly 8.45am... gosh!! The loud clanging of the drums at my neighbour's house must have waken a lot of people who were relaxing, someone like me... sigh... leaving no choice, all of us were roused up from our sleep!

Then as usual after lunch, we went visiting to our paternal side relatives in Gunung Rapat. It was a hot day but not as blazing hot as the previous years. Anyway, hot or not, we got to go... it is a procedure, more or less, it is only once-a-year affair to get together....

gathering round..

one, two... cheeseee...

my kungfu nephew...

someone was feeling bored..
so she drew something.. out of nothing...

one for the album...


  1. What a cheerful family gathering. I see more of a resemblance between you and your son.
    Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!

  2. late! Some people so lucky, can sleep on and on... Hey! I've seen that fat boy before - still looks the same. LOL!!!

  3. hohoho... we slept till 9am... first day of CNY here, it's raining for the whole day... so nice weather. :D

  4. the drawing very nice! impressed me a lot.

    She draws very well.

  5. Good Lord, Claire... you're getting younger and younger.... =.= ur kids looks like ur bro and sis! WALAO... i wonder if I still can look good at ur age.

  6. Gathering with relatives....that is the best.

  7. what a nice gathering. you look lovely Claire :)

  8. wah lau eh...very nice cheong sam. Very fit leh...

  9. You look very nice in pink, Claire... look young :-).

    that's a very nice drawing, really good. who drew that?

  10. oh, i forgot to wish you happy chinese new year to you and your loved ones! not late yetas cny ends on the 15th! huat ah!!

  11. gong hei faaaaaaaatt choy! nice gathering yeah...

    eh eh, your daughter drew that? whoa, tat is really good drawing!


Thank you, readers!

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