Saturday, February 5, 2011

Gin Rummy Mahjong

What Have I Been Doing During the last two evenings...
Well, I was on This.......

For the past two nights, I have spent few hours with my
siblings, playing gin rummy mahjong...
Someone said playing mahjong can avoid dementia,
But for us, it is more like a family bonding..
and also to give us a good night sleep later
cos our brains will be very tired by then..

We had an enjoyable time conversing and laughing with one another..

Just for two nights, we enjoyed our family bonding...
Today my siblings have gone outstation...
And I am free once again to do my blogging..
These few days, I have no time to visit other blogs..
How about you?


  1. I like to see your pictures of the game!! So good to have the family bonding!! Do you like games? Like card games and board games? Hope you have a nice weekend!

  2. I want to play strip poker... but as usual, hubby not free to play with me... festive season ma...

  3. so long never play mahjong kaki!

  4. Whatever little time I had, I would be online to comment on any new post...and to check on Facebook. Very quiet...everyone's too busy for their blogger-friends. Sobssss!!!!

  5. I wanted to play mahjong with my family but they refused to let me join in. They said I played like a 'woo kwai'.

  6. I don't know how to play mahjong...

  7. The table cloth or mahjong paper with the design are meant to confuse the Gin Rummers? haha. Long time no gamble. Chopped fingers & hands golden bowl wash hands haha..wah sounds like the big taikor thingie..Gamble with fun to build rapport & fellowship is good and not those marathon gambling 3 days 3 nights non stop..

  8. Time 17:25hrs thundering in Klang Valley looks like gonna pour. How about Parlo blue skies and everything nice? Happy gin rumming..

  9. I never learn how to play mahjong.
    I wish someone will teach me one day.
    Thank you for sharing.
    See you around.

    via Sabahan Bloggers Club.

  10. So how many thousand RM you win? Or you all play for peanuts? :)

  11. waaaa! mahjong! haha! i also got no time to blog hop! just try to blog hop whenever i hv lil free time. :)

  12. All my Chinese friends love this so much, we even open table at work and play during break time. LOL

  13. But only on CNY eve lah.... XD

  14. I like this game, ehehhe! I get to play this last night with my sisters and my mon, Yeah, family bonding !

  15. Yes, we only get to play them once a year and for the first two days only.. after that, close shop cos everyone goes their separate ways then...

  16. Mahjong, to me is one of the mysteries of the world i may probably never EVER conquer in my lifetime... dunno how to play, dun understand, even if observe...

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