Monday, February 28, 2011

Two Hours In Betong Town

After lunch on Saturday, we packed our stuff and checked out of the Hot Spring Chalet. Then I heard someone arranged to have us driven to Betong town, just around half an hour from the place we were staying. That was the best news of the day! I have never been to Betong before... and I was quite excited about the trip....

we were dropped right at the centre of the Betong town

first thing I did was to take some pictures...

we walked along one street only
cos we had only 2 hours to get what we want...

the shops along the street...

saw a bank there.. plus the many wiring...

shopping again...

two hours was quite boring actually...

nothing much to buy actually... take more pictures better..

well, 2 hours in Betong finally came to an end at 5pm..
from Betong back to Ipoh, it took nearly 3 hours..
hope to come here again next time...
I haven't tried the food and the Massage yet!!


  1. near the thai border? i heard a lot of cheap stuff one wor...

  2. You really had a good time sis...

  3. Malaysia boleh! Only Malaysian wear jacket terbalik while riding motor and only Malaysian carry back pack like that :P

  4. It has been a long time I haven't been to Betong. I'm from Kuching btw.

  5. At last you set your foot in Betong. Why didn't you try the Betong chicken?

  6. Tried the massage? :p Hahaha :D

    But the place look pretty normal.

  7. never heard of this place before, although I know Bentong.

  8. rachel: maybe i dont need those stuff.. ? :)

    kidsturf: it was okay...

    merryn: u talking about me? hehee...

    jfook: wow..far for u then...

    pam: i dont know where la.. and scared to venture by myself too.. so we walked along the main road only..
    oh, i ate the pulut with the fried chicken.. not bad!

    cath: yes, nearer to perak border..

    foongpc: jom! lets go!

  9. tekkaus: no la.. didnt try.. no time..

    nava: thai border..

  10. that's interesting. I hvn't been there.

  11. never been to this place before...

  12. Looks like a fun time out...can tell by the big smiles on your face :D

  13. those wire reminds me of birds. That's why u wearing hat ah?

  14. Aiya, didn't try the food, 2 hours shopping not enough meh? ha ha ha!

  15. Beting? Sarawak also has a town named Beting, small town...

  16. I liked that first picture of the market. So did you buy anything?

  17. Wah die lor, I need to brush up on my geography..I didn't even know such a place exist.. :-(

  18. Very interesting travel posts :) I love travel post like yours, with plenty of pictures!

  19. I read through all the comments and i totally wit Merryn,, malaysia memang boleh kekekkekekekek

  20. Wow, another joyful trip... guess Bentong from K.L would take more thn 6 hours!

  21. wenn: i must go there once again..

    mery: far for you too.. hadyai is better..

    mary: i am still advertising for colgate.. haha...

    kath: u r very smart!!

    pete: the food dint look appetizing, maybe didnt really search..

    stp: my fren, Betong la.. not Beting! hahaha..u must be thinking of vincent tan again..

    ginny: bought some mangoes only..

    kiasumum: that is in Thailand already..

    horsoon: thanks.. do come by more often..

    eugene: boleh apa?

    alice: Betong.. hahaha..

  22. I never been to Betong too! Any good thing?

  23. so many betong in malaysia! ahahah

  24. Hubby said Betong dun have much thing to see. But I still wanna go there. Must pertering him alot so I can go to Betong!


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