Sunday, February 27, 2011

Teambuilding In Pengkalan Hulu

Halfway to Pengkalan Hulu, we stopped by a place to answer nature call, if I am not mistaken, it is in Lenggong. I woke up when the bus stopped and saw this beautiful lake....

only during excursions, I can get to come by...

if I were to drive, surely I wouldn't know about this place..
After 10 minutes, we proceeded on with the journey...

and an hour or so later, we arrived at this
Hot Spring Chalet, Pengkalan Hulu....

just like what I googled a few days earlier...

I have came here before la!
I think it was ten years ago, gosh...
how could I be so blur...
that time I was working with another department,
and the chalets were very "run-down" those days..

this supposedly water looked so turn-off during the day
no one dipped in their feet...
but during the night, we could see the smoke/steam
coming out of this yellowish water...
so... I just closed my eyes and dipped my feet in...
nice and hot...
(they are hot spring water with sulpur)

one of my chaletmates...

this chalet can house five of us...
2 rooms and one spare bed outside..
but I didn't opt for the bed in the living room
(coward ma!)

then the course began...

teamwork assignment and presentation...
cut, cut, cut the story short...

our group won the first session...

this one is for show only...
the hampers were for the other groups..

another "show-off" picture... before we parted...

part of my group...
One Malaysia concept...


  1. It reminds me of my induction course... lots of new faces, lots of assignments, presentations and 'perpaduan'... hoh???

  2. lol...wei...all bushes wor..where is the toilet?

    hmm...maybe because of the night time got vapor from the water coming up, ppl think 5354.

    not bad la since won something. Congratulation!

  3. pam: everything la.. made us work till quite late at night.. but then not so difficult la.. group ma.. hahaa...

    kathy: not me lar.. my group only.. how they will this hamper, i wonder..

  4. present..those days we don't have presents at all even though we won.

  5. Ouh...and I thought which hot spring. Ha :D

  6. wah best lah! U won! Yeay! I can imagine smokes all coming out from the sulphuric water.. shiok ahh..

  7. Woit, nature call at Lenggong, habis lah, all my ikan inside. Cannot go fishing there liao!

  8. i guess your trip wasnt as bad as you were expecting earlier. that pond of water really looks muddy, still want to dip your feet inside??

  9. i guess your trip wasnt as bad as you were expecting earlier. that pond of water really looks muddy, still want to dip your feet inside??

  10. wah....shiok! I want to dip my legs in the hot spring too!

  11. Hi Reana, Your pics always brings back memories.
    Nice pics, andyou look great!

    I used to go to Kota Baru via Ipoh, cut off to Lengong, then on to Grik....across to Jeli, then KB.
    And I travelledthese roads practically every months for years.
    And have fished at this lake long ago.
    Caught some real monster tomans too.

    Well done....and have fun.
    Best regards, Lee.

  12. I see I somehow missed a post below about your trip, so I've been catching up. I am scared to death of heights, and don't even get me started on caves. So you didn't have to do anything you didn't want to? That pool water does look iccky, you were brave to stick your feet in it. I suppose it is somehow good for you? What nice prizes!!! Makes team building not so bad. I bet you are relieved to have the whole thing over with now.

  13. What? You were there before and you cannot remember? Aiyor...must take gingko liao lor! Gosh...all that junk food! This team building camp not so healthy. LOL!!!

  14. I dreaded going for teambuilding courses during my working days. My ex-boss always made us walk and walk for hours in the jungle followed by courses in the hotel's meeting room till late at night. Gosh...

  15. Company trips are nice, even when there is work involved. I used to enjoy them... my last one was such a long time ago.

  16. Teambuilding is a good outing, activity and exercise for you, rather than always stay in the office. Right?

  17. NICE....if you have good colleagues, its nice to have such teambuilding exercises!

    So the sulfur leg dip did any good?

  18. wenn: sometimes dont have also..

    tekkaus: haha..

    merryn: daylight u see also dare not put in..

    pete: sorry ah...

    lena: no choice, got to be happy!

    chris: very yellowish one.. dare or not..

    ulee: got mermaids too, right? :)

    ginny: u r very right.. i m relieved.. i wonder when the next one will come.

    stp: yes, true.. i need gingko..

    inspiredmum: same like mine la but only thing, i didnt go for that..

    evelyn: good for u then.. i dont like outdoor actually..

    angeline: from the pics, yeah..

    sheoh: if no water is involved, i dont mind..

    ann: just dip to experience, good or not, i dont know.. hahaha..

  19. Oh...the water is meant to be that yellowish bcos of the sulpur.

    Anyway, it was a great experince, Claire.

  20. I used to hate team building when I was still working hahahahha...

  21. I like the picture of the lake in the first and second photos! Nice scenery.


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