Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Best Season Of The Year!

My favourite season of the year is back! DURIANS!! hahahaa...

When we went to First Garden for our light lunch, we were greeted with a nice surprise... my old uncle friend is back in business!!

I think he can remember us ...
cos we like to take pictures of him

He opened one and put it on our table...
It was more than enough for the both of us, Elin and I
for health reasons, we "persevered" and "refrained"

We just wanted to satisfy our "urge" at that moment..

and then cooled down our bodies with
a bowl of beancurd dessert...
smoothly melting in our mouths is this...
First Garden Tau Foo Fah!


  1. wakakaka.....you cannot eat pass to me LOL...

  2. gosh! durians season is back! time to gobble up all!! xD

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  3. Oh? It's in season. Not rally crazy about the fruit...but I love the Thai durian pulut dessert. YUM!

  4. Omg i love durians... pity my wife doesn't like it. So I've been without durians for so long....

  5. Durians! you need to have an acquired taste, especially expats like me even after 9 yrs in Malaysia, I feel the smell is too strong...

  6. kathy: come to IPOH la..cheap cheap!

    carol: yeah.. time time..

    stp: u dont like? then ok.. less men more share.. hahaha...

    issac: wow..u r so considerate!

    vaish: yes, they have very strong smell..

  7. time to hunt for durians! he he he!

  8. yeah, durian season is back but cant take them now cos i'm having flu and cough. hey, i;m staying nearby only, next time call me so that we can enjoy the taufoofah together!

  9. These things are just so yuckky to me!!!! Aren't they poison unless you cook them? Don't they smell really bad? I don't like oysters either, they are too slimy. You have a much more well rounded appetite than me, I am a very picky eater!

  10. i miss durians! can't eat any over here in nilai. miss ipoh even more.

    have a nice day! =)

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    Malacca Hainanese Chicken Rice Ball

  11. I've heard they are quite smelly, so how do you get past the smell to eat them?

  12. You had it for lunch? Did you go back to the office after that?

  13. me some too!

    Aloha to you
    from Honolulu!

    Comfort Spiral



  14. Aaaahhh.....can smell them from here. My throat is killing me so I am not tempted in the least!

    But I so have not had durians since....???

  15. durians!! love it here in Davao, Phils. :] seasons near..

  16. Oh, din't realise it's the durian season again (cause I'm not a fan of durian :P).
    Anyway, enjoy your durian eating!

  17. ooh... time to check out the durian buffet at SS2 again. :D

  18. Just now went to mom hse and smell the aroma is so strong.....is DURIAN!!...Gee...i wana eat so much, but i ve to go back to office later..so i ve to hold back...sob sob**tonight must go hunt for durian jor.

  19. You really like durians,don't you, see if i can get good ones from my friends this weekend,,, if not paiseh lah,,,,,,

    see you over the weekend,, ya

  20. Oh it's the time of the year again, and i heard that it's gonna be a bumper crop this season. YAY!

  21. Have you tried bubur durian?? I am craving for one right now...NO durian here yet and thanks to you for posting this...lol

  22. ACK! Thanks for reminding me! Gotta go find some this weekend. Yipeeeeee!!!! BTW, have you received this offer yet from anyone to write about Studypoint?


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