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Ranting And Rambling

Intercourse? What comes to our minds when that word is mentioned...

One of my friends like to joke about that whenever we couldn't find him in the office. When he replied he went for Intercourse, immediately we know he meant he went for a few days course.. lol...

Do you like to go for courses? Whether it is official courses, church courses, part-time courses.. whatever course you might think of, I would immediately reply you... "Please, don't choose me....."

I find solace in my own shell, that is my homely home.... I love to stay at home.... if online groceries is possible in Ipoh, I would love to do them without driving the car out and spending more unnecessarily....

Someone asked me to be a full time content writer.... writing 500 words for only $2usd!! Gosh, for 500 words and doing research on the article, is it worth getting a post for only RM6? Not to say that money has a "stale smell" but then for RM6.00... er.... err... sigh....

From tomorrow onwards till Thursday, if I did not post up anything, it means there is no wifi... no wifi means no post...But I hope there is WIFI.... breathe... breathe......cos no wifi means no oxygen...!!

by the way, my laptop in trouble!

I cannot close it.... due to one side broken
Cannot close means I cannot take it anywhere I go..
Should I get a new laptop or a netbook?
Any suggestions?


  1. 500 words for USD2? If that's me... I oso not sure if I wanna take it too...unless u wan indecipherable crap from me la... LOL... want quality need more $$ wan ma, rite? Must give more incentive abit ma...summore ah, not exactly Rm6... exchange rate not 3.0... :(

    By the way, you can schedule up post ma, Claire... but no worries... will be here waiting for u.

  2. If you are working for people grab all the intercourses as much as possible. First its FOC, second you get paid even when you are not 'working' in office and lastly what ever you learned are all your asset why waste them.

  3. Get the hinge repaired no big deal unless you think your lappie is not to your specs and wanna have an ungrade then get a new baby. Sorry no idea about netbook. My biz lappie got changed on the right side hand side and a year later the left gave way.

  4. I loved going for intercourses - a welcome break from the daily routine. Otherwise, so boring...same thing every day. My daughter's old laptop also had a problem, changed new one...same thing again - now have to open and close slowly so will not get stuck...but still ok, can use and can bring here and there. Now I use when travelling...

  5. cleff: yeah, i wont accept la.. no point..

    bananaz: all these intercourses are making me sleepy.. hahaha... wonder how much to get it repaired..

    stp: i wish u can go on behalf of me.. hahaha.. yr lappie also problem? guess we old timers will use till it is really "un-useable" right?

    medie: young people will say.. buy la.. hahaha..that was what my sons said too..

  6. Oh dear! What happened to your poor laptop!! If it still can be used, then no need to buy first.. save whenever possible! Hehe

  7. Auntie Claire - buy a new one. The Apple Macbook very the nice leh...

  8. sweetwitch: u r very right..use till the last drop... :)

    chris: sponsor me lar!!

  9. i love to go for courses but hate to do in-house training..

  10. i dont mind going for courses but it has been XX years since i last attended one in my previous job, they provide courses and trainings on and off , which i think it's really beneficial to the staff and the company itself and they dont mind paying you for everything ..even in overseas. See how they really stress the importance of courses and trainings?

  11. I thought you like to travel, you are always going such interesting places!! And eating new and different things. How did your laptop break, if you are like me you are very stressed out about it! Better than my son, he left his open, and during the night their cat came over and threw up all over the keyboard. Of all the places in the house, this is where the cat chose to vomit! Maybe you show this to a computer repair person, maybe just the hinge needs changed. But if your computer is getting slow and you want a new one, this is a good excuse!!

  12. wennn: dont count me in! :p

    lena: what is attractive is the 6 meals..hahaha..

    ginny: gosh, of all places.. want to vomit on the lappie???

  13. I am like you, no courses for me but the one not sitting in the hall for hours will be fine,,,,,

    looks like you are going for another one again, right? don't worry,i hope it shall be an enjoyable one.

    On the making money side, i reckon you are doing very fine, just keep it up ya and you see you are so good until you have a disciple like myself already hahahahha.

    take care now

  14. Use till the last drop..hehee..then invest in a superb one.

  15. Buy a new one Claire. These days laptops are cheaper already, hehe =)

  16. I love taking ur one as we provide courses.

  17. eugene: high 5! for saying NO to courses.. hahaha...

    yeeling: agreed!!

    cindy: how much now?

    hayley: yeah, i know cheaper but this one still usable wo, only not nice looking..

    rachel: unfortunately, i do not have a say in dealing with courses.. sigh..

  18. Perhaps . . . new laptop with Window 7, when you do some blogwalk, you will see many nice blog with Window 7 IE :)

  19. Attending course is good....can makan makan and no need to work ma. haha...

  20. kianfai: window 7 canggih?

    mnhl: not for me.. if travel with family then best!

  21. If you want to carry it around with less weight, go for netbook. If you enjoy carry it around but want a wider screen, go for notebook (hehe)...


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