Sunday, March 6, 2011

Come, Let's Twist Again....

I love singing and dancing actually.... but no chance to really enjoy them during my younger days. During my time as a teenager (18-22 sap pat yar yee) we held house parties instead of going to discos or night clubs. The porch would be used as food section and after some finger licking good stuff, the music would be at full blast in the living hall. Normally the girls were sitting at one row and awaiting for the guys to come over to say "Excuse me, wanna dance?"

Our songs those days were "Ring my Bell," "Hot Stuff," "Shake Your Bootie" or was it boogie? Saturday Night Fever songs were in the list too.... and I remember I love to dance to medley songs sung by Beatles many many other songs..

Actually I really love going to parties but always ended up going and coming back in fear.... the word "Party" is a taboo word in my house... so my sisters and I normally had to evade that word from our mouths.... and the curfew time would be before 10.30pm. We had to be home by that time and that was only when the real party began!!

Gosh, how I wish I could go to parties at this era of time where I am not answerable to anyone ... now that I am so free... but alas, no more such parties anymore....

Come lets twist again.... like we did last summer......


  1. very cute photo of you...looks like 18 yrs young

  2. My mum was a tea dance kaki too. In the story she often recounts to me, many girls of those days got to know their the other half at tea dance parties and that's how the romance began... How romantic...

  3. kathy: thank you.. i was 48 then.. hahaha...

    pam: i think yr mum and I same era then.. yes, those days, infatuation was common among us.. hahahaha.

  4. He he you've made Mak isah thinks of my younger days :) Mak isah also 'kaki' dance!

  5. Wah, look so young, Let's Twist Again!

  6. Me too! Me too! But my songs a bit older than yours...and anyway, by that time when your songs were hits, I was still swinging and shaking and twisting away!

    Those were the days when we danced and danced and had good clean fun - none of those booze, sex and young people today.

    Come, organise a gathering...and bring on back the good times!!! Hopefully, these old bones can tahan! LOL!!!

  7. pete: come on.. like we did last summer!!

    stp: WONDERFUL!! SPLENDID IDEA!! that is why i always tell u.. organize a great blogger meet up in Penang.. all of us must go attend.. !! let Eugene do the organizing.. hehehee..

  8. i loved going to parties and was a dancing queen too when I was younger...those were the days.

    lovely picture, Claire.

  9. rossel: that pic is for fun.. got it from a website..

    wenn: u are a dancing queen too?

  10. why not?? You could always take up and enjoy dancing again! its never too late to have fun! XD

  11. That is a very cute pic. For me, I don't like to sing or dance, haha!

  12. no more parties for me either. you look cute in that picture

  13. So the time for those kinds of parties has passed? Well, I don't think it hurt you any, look how wonderful you and your family turned out! And you can always give a party yourself!

  14. Saturday 2nd April...come, come!

  15. @Cikgu... ohhhhhhh..... dancing kah? COme, come... i oso wanna join that gathering... i know how to Cha Cha and Twist! Grandpa taught me! =D My grandpa was king of twist in his kampung back then.

    @Claire... omg, Claire... u can dance twist ah? Come, let's go... we organize something... I oso wanna go dancing... I know how to dance Twist... and Cha Cha!!! My grandfather taught me... aiyo... very long never dance. (No karaoke for me tho... I sing, the world sure kena naik Arc again, cuz banjir... hahahahaah)

  16. Someone taught me how to dance last night,what a groover she was, someone taught me how to do it right... dance on dance on....

    I love dancing too,in fact i have a cert for dancing that i learned for 4 years, love performing on stage.

    so now let us above the 40s dance on,,,, boogie night, last train to london...

  17. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! hahahahhahaha!

  18. wow..i love dancing too..
    2nd april?? party hah??

  19. I am with you. No more parties for me either, in fact, I need to sleep by 12 now! This post definitely brings me back to the years of sap pat yar yee! And those songs!! Curfews were awful, I always felt like a party pooper!

  20. hahah.c an always organize one urself and invite ppl over to ur house, having food in the porch and turn ur living room into the dance floor, blasting songs from Beatles. :D

  21. I enjoyed party because of food. Sure got lots of fried stuffs to eat. hahaha...... i like dancing but don't know how to dance. I'm thinking to send my girl to ballet class when she is older later.

  22. issac: true, true... wonder who will go with me.. :)

    mommymoon: yeah, not all like to do that.. hahaa..

    momdaughter: once we are married, very slim chance..

    ginny: yeah, i will organise one..

    stp: u start the ball rolling OK?

    eugene: i can imagine.. hahaa.. hey, hope u can organise one in pg 2nd april..

    cleff: make sure u come along too!!

    luciana: yes, in Penang..lets wait and see...

    irene: dont fall off the chair.hahaha...

    evelyn: now that we are adults, no more such parties!!

    medie: hey, that is a good idea hor! wonder who will come.. hmmmm...

    mnhl: come, i teach u.. hahhaa..

  23. Wow house parties! It must be fun!

    How about if you were the one playing the host, still have the curfew?

  24. Cute post! Cuter girl in picture! LOL!

    I think it's a great idea to have a Bloggers Night in Penang. For more participation, you'd need to start the ball rolling months ahead. Have fun!

  25. looks like we have a group of disco kakis here!

    yeah, eugene, organise one!

  26. Cute photo!!! a enjoyable one for dance lovers.... Dancing is really fun.

  27. cheeyee: yes, house parties can be fun.. wonder can do one now or not..

    happysurfer: how about u starting? hehe...

    doc: u too?? can go penang or not? or r u from Penang?

    sonali: yes, it is fun to sing and dance..

  28. I love dancing!! I dance in my living room while I'm cleaning my house! ;) I shared your post on Delicious! :)

  29. Too too fun!!!! Makes me wanna dance dance! :-)

    I found you at Mommy Only Has Two Hands social share.


  30. I stumbled your post from MOHTH social share. :)


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