Saturday, March 5, 2011

Olympic Park

Rewind.... drrrr..... drr.......rewind.... back to December 2010...

When we reached Seoul late in the night, we passed by this Olympic Park. It was almost 11pm, but Andy and Aaron were adamant on going to the park on their own that very night. Something spectacular, so they said... they wouldn't want to miss that cos the very next day, we know we would not have the chance to go there.

So both of them walked over to the Olympic Park which was ten minutes walk from our hotel called Olympic Park Hotel, which was specially built for the olympics few years back. These were some of the pictures they captured while they were there...

Olympic Park in Seoul

frozen smile.. hahaha...

both of them fought against the cold weather
to take some pictures...

Both came back to the hotel shivering
but feeling very satisfied...
Mission Accomplished! :)


  1. Looks very nice, it is always fun to visit an Olympic site. We have been in Beijing, Montreal and Munich.

  2. Oh, a beautifil tree, your kids are determined! You asked what daylight savings time is, so I will try and explain. In the winter here, it gets dark around 5:00, at dinner time. No light in the evenings, only dark. But in the spring, on a certain night, everyone sets their clocks forward one hour. So now we have light in the evening, and as spring moves forward, it is light till bedtime, so nice. This is called Daylight Savings Time. Many people want it all year! But then in the Fall, we have to set our clocks back an hour, go back to getting dark at dinner! We remember which way to turn the clocks by this rhyme "Spring forward and fall back"

  3. Hi Reana, well taken pics. And looks very impressive too.
    Best regards, Lee.

  4. it looks great at night! I hd only seen it in the day time.

  5. I been to Seoul that year they having the world cup... Got the chance to visit the stadium before the event. Back in year 2002...

  6. Oh! I envy you! I love to go to Seoul myself! :-D
    Following your from MBC.
    ...would love a follow back! :-D

    Best Regards,


Thank you, readers!

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