Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A FINE WALK In Singapore

The next day was a Sunday... after checking out from Royal Hotel, we went to this side of Singapore...

We left our luggage at an apartment and we continued our sightseeing to Bugis Street...

I never been here before last time...

I was fascinated by the boy in the middle of the this splashing fountain..
he was really enjoying himself, getting wet all over...

then we adjourned to the real Bugis Street
where the things here sold were quite cheap...

a subway to MRT station,
our little friend was attracted to these "balloons"

the esplanade...

i beh tahan already.. very exhausted..
my poor legs!

after resting, we walked again....

love this "durian" dome...

City Centre..

Marina Bay...
the casinos and the SHIP?

exhausted again la...

we stopped by here for hawkers food
never come by here again... food was not nice, my friends..

then we walked around Marina Resort

took some pictures here and there...

Marina Square behind these two fellas...
To summarise...

Singapore is not only a "fine" country
It is also a Walk country...
Everywhere we go, we have to walk and walk and walk!
Good exercise though!!


  1. No wonder I see you have lost some wieght since coming back from the Lion City :) walking is god exercise :)

  2. looks like a very enjoyable trip.. nowadays if i ever go to SG it's because of work only..

  3. elin: so u should know what to do la.. hahaha...

    sk: i dont mind going to singapore but dont like the bus journey only!

  4. Oh yeah.. walking is tiring... cannot imagine if I did that at this moment... hahahhaha.... sure fainted... (big belly.. ;-p)

  5. Marina Bay is definitely a lovely place!

  6. When I was in Spore, our hotel is just next to Marina Square! :D So the last pic u took.. i oso got take at there! :P

  7. Hi Reana, I have always loved Singapore. Very orderly and clean.
    And food too very good.
    Glad toread you had fun.
    Best regards.

  8. whenever i;m in thailand, i also walked and walked and to soothe my tired feet, i go for foot and body massage, after that walk again!

  9. I love ALL your pictures, so many different things to see!! And such good pictures! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that big ship up on the buildings, thought I may be having delusions or something!! All of those twisted staricases, the middle goes nowhere, is it just a piece of artwork? Very clever! I have heard that Singapore is very, very clean, no litter or dirt anywhere, is it true?

  10. Wow...Marina Bay... :) I wanna be there the whole day and I wanna stand on top of it enjoying the whole Singapore view.

  11. What kind of "balloon" are you talking about? :p

  12. Hahaha, Singaporean walked very fast too! Dunno rush to where hor? But we consider very slow d...hahaha...

  13. whoa, the ship on top of the buildings, cool! yeah, always kena walk n walk n walk, agreed with you though, very good exercise! haha!

  14. So happy to see that you are enjoying yourself with the family down in the land of Lion,,hahha

  15. Marina Bay.. so nice!! Its been ages since I last visit Sg... sure it has changed alot now!

  16. hahah rupa rupanya MIA ke singapore. :D

    ur boy studying there ah now?

  17. The durian is the Esplanade. I saw Mamma Mia the musical there. Bugis Street, where got the same as Bugis Street in the70s... no more Ah Kua there...and cheap bargains. All not the same anymore - I prefer the old Singapore, more original, had its own unique identity - not so pretentious...

  18. Yea...didnt see many of foodie pics

  19.'re back! :) least the weather looked ok. And Spore everything is like so ajoined to each other walking seems the best option.

    Lost weight? Or just put on muscle?

  20. This "Fine walk in Singapore" post of yours makes me more excited to set foot on Singapore. We will be there on Saturday. I can't wait!

    Any suggestion or advice? Thanks!

  21. what an awesome trip. great photos:)

  22. Another family bonding time it seems! aiyo tired but good exercise hor. ;)

    My Stories

  23. time wear sport shoes la...more comfy.

  24. I haven seen Singapore in ages. Not sure about the buildings with the ship... very original but...

  25. I have been walking so much the last few days in singapore plus carrying a baby also cannot loose weight (but put on weight somemore!!)..:( the legs definitely going to patah with all the walking.


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