Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lee Chong Wei And His Smashing Gift !

Yes, I know it is already "stale" ... it has been four days since the All England badminton finals. But I couldn't help not "harping" about it still, the reason is ..I only managed to watch the this astounding match on Astro TV only last night! Thanks to Astro Sports 811...

As I watched the repeat, I was thinking to myself that if I were to watch their match LIVE on Sunday, my heart would be beating like Formula Two! Especially when Lee Chong Wei was leading 17-13 and then Lin Dan was like catching up till 17-17... wow... that was what I called Excitement!

These two "terrors" ... just look at them..
I din't realize I captured them with the same mouth shape last night..

I also realized Lin Dan looked very handsome too!

Lee Chong Wei might not be as handsome but ....
also good looking la... hahahaa....

Wonder who will be able to beat these two.....
Oh, by the way, did you all know that our
Prime Minister handed a RM100,000
mock cheque to our Datuk Lee Chong Wei?

What a Smashing Gift!


  1. That's OUR tax money! Should thank us!

  2. Yesss...should thank us !!! TAX PAYER's money LOL!

  3. agree, Lin Dan is more handsome than Chong wei. :)

    Anyhow, it is not important. Happy for Chong wei can won rm100,000 from PM.

  4. stp: pay him also good ma.. he deserves it..

    elin: wei, u got pay tax or not? hehehe...

    chvoon: a small token.. :)

  5. LCW really played well this time but then, Lin Dan sometimes likes to 'trick' him. He didn't even paraded his jumping smashes. Let him win some and whack him in big tournament. The World Championship is next....!

  6. Chris: yeah, i think LD will come back in full form by then... well, at least we know that now it is 50/50.. more exciting!

  7. Huh? Now only you realised Lin Dan is handsome? LOL!!

    As for Chong Wei, he looks like an alien! Hahaha!!! But what is important, he beats Lin Dan! Awesome! Congrats to him : )

  8. Lin Dan is handsome wei! I always look forward to the end of the game when he wins and strip and do the victory dance! Auw!!!! :P

  9. Wish we could get this here on our T.V., I would cheer along with you!!!

  10. i wonder what will happen to our singles when LCW leaves ?

  11. WHat does look have to do with badminton? :p

  12. Anyway congrates to Chong Wei for trying so hard. He must win the Olympic gold for us now. :)

  13. yeah! my dad's tax money!!!! hahahahhahaha

    there was a youtube video about lin dan's perception of chong wei actually. he's kinda down to earth, from the video. there was respect and much understanding.

    though i kinda still remember when he threw the prize to the ground once.

    so... his image never cleaned anyways. hahahahhaha

  14. congrats to Datuk.....aiya, no holidays!

  15. I was hoping to hear declaration of holiday leh.... =_=
    Anyway, congrats to Datuk Lee Chong Wei (Dont Let China Win!) haha :D

  16. Kayley, hahaha... yes, that was cute.. DLCW.. hope he lives up to that!

    Pete: for staying up late, right?

    medie: everything spent in Malaysia belong to TaxPaypers! hahaha..

    lena: so those with small kids, send them to badminton training now! :)

    merryn: eh.. anything to see? nothing one.. hehee..

    foongpc: hope lcw wont come over to my blog .. alien pulak! :P

  17. ahahah! congrats to LCW! :D My sis always hope for the leng zai Lin Dan to win! LOL

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