Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Room On Top Of The Stairs

Malacca, the historic city... Yes, I was there two days ago, for a three days course and I just got home two hours ago. This year I seem to be picked for outstation courses... well, I hope this will be the last for this year because I cannot afford to go out of town anymore... When I am not around, my girl is missing tuition... plus good food.. plus "no-attention" at home... very pitiful case.

OKay, back to the Malacca trip... we reached there around 2pm and my colleagues and I checked in to our rooms. Upon entering the room which was the very last one at the end of the corridor, I had a feeling that this very room 501 hasn't been slept by anyone for a long long time!! Sounds eerie, huh??
As for the beds... they looked good...
they were enormously big for both of us...

comfortable though.. for both of us
but I don't mind a smaller bed.. actually..

BUT.... when I opened the mini fridge.........
MY Gosh, what is this???
I was horrified!!!

and...and..... the jug... all dust and dirt..
when I opened the cover, a fly flew out!!

Dare to boil water in this??
My goodness...
There were no towels available...
Gosh..housekeeping fails in this hotel...
I called Housekeeping No. 6...
One elderly lady came to our room..
and heard her mumbling"tsk tsk... budak tu"
then she cleaned up whatever need to be cleaned..
gave us two towels and a cleaner jug as well...

The next day, I found out that two young boys
were doing the housekeeping of the rooms..
No wonder la...


  1. Child labour?

    Yucks! The fridge and the kettle so dirty

  2. I guess this must be one of the old hotels in Malacca? Hmm.. Bad bad impression already.

  3. kathy: memang not clean!

    ladykath: it is a chain hotel.. actually..

  4. eeeyeeeer! the McD dah how long kat dalam tu???!!! yucks!!!! fail maximum lah this place.. tell ur company never ever send you guys there again! scary!!!

  5. omg, tsk tsk Budak Tu!!!! Wahaha, they should be caned for not doing a good job. I would have been horrified too if I had seen that mc d cup.

  6. That is the fridge that time forgot, ick!!! Bet you never put anything in there!!! Boys should NOT be maids!!

  7. merryn: havent experienced this kind before..

    issac: normally i dont check fridges.. this time i did.. dont know why..

    ginny: not young boys surely..

    cath: sigh..

  8. Oh, this is so intolerable. How could the hotel authority allow this to happen? Malacca is one of the hottest tourist spot leh...

  9. ewwww..... did you flip under the comforter and see if there are bed bugs :-)

  10. Most likely the McD drink belong to the boys while they were house keeping the room hahaha. Heard of 'la sum chak la sum pooi' dirty eat dirty fat' hahaha..

  11. Eeeekkkss....horrible looking in the fridge n kettle. Luckily they get it clean up for you.

  12. Alamak! I know this hotel. How come like this?

    Yikeees in the fridge...

  13. Aiya....potong stim....I thought got ghost story coming time, make up one la! LOL

  14. Wow....the beddings look good but then tiba-tiba there's a McDonald coke awaiting you guys in the fridge. :p

  15. The bed looks comfy..but not the fridge.

  16. If I knew which hotel is this, I will ban it from my list in my next visit to Malacca

  17. I like big bed, but after looking at the fridge, I want to puke.

  18. sheohyan: yeah, the bed looks comfy...

    borneo: i let you find out.. hahaa..

    mery: yeah!

    tekkaus: all spilled some more..

    pam: i was also skeptical about the room.. but thank goodness, it was alright :)

    pam: i think they "overlooked" the fridge..

    kiasumom: please, i dare not open anything else.. hahah..

    pete: other than that, i had a good two night sleep!

  19. I miss going for courses...but eyewwww!!!! What hotel was that? I don't mind if cheap, no class one but must be clean... Not like that!

  20. Gosh, this is the 1st time ever hearing of male cleaners.

  21. OMG disgusting fridge and kettle! >,<
    Most people must be tricked by the 'good-appearance' beds for a while, then will scream in horror :-/

  22. another course again? or your company think its staff are all undertrained so have to send all of you for courses after courses?haha! Luckily they washed the toilet!

  23. should mention the name of the hotel so we know which one to avoid next time :D

  24. barb: cannot mention.. write to u can.. :)


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