Friday, April 1, 2011

Malacca, The Heritage City

Actually I love this hotel....serious! The fridge "spilled drink" and the dirty jug were secondary... hahahaa....When I heard that this hotel provides free WIFI, I was so relieved! The receptionist gave me their ID and password for me to access to my laptop upon registering... I felt so good.. I remember going to some high class hotels which do not provide free Wifi unless paying high prices for it.. gosh!

Back to Malacca, my colleagues and I went for a long walk in the afternoon since our course was commencing only at 8.30pm that night....

After some enquiries from the hotel counter, we started our walk... long walk....

after twenty minutes walk we reached World Heritage City..
how come it is Melaka instead of Malacca?

the buildings were red in colour...

along the way, I saw this beautiful church
Church of St. Francis Xavier..

finally... we reached the a-Famosa..

colourful trishaws along the way...

Couldn't help taking a pic...

Malacca river...
I heard it was from the sea actually...

looks like Venice?

we joined the river cruise the following night...
Saw a cendol stall opposite ...
Knowing this is a tourist spot..
I didn't have high expectations from the stall...

my colleague took the cendol...
she said Ipoh one is better.. hahaha...

This was what I ordered...
ice kacang..but without the groundnuts...
Nothing to shout about..
but it certainly quenched our thirst.. in a way..
After that, a long half hour walk back to the hotel.. phew!!


  1. hope you got to eat some good food ;)

  2. not only lovely place to visit but some great food to taste here.

  3. I love malacca!
    Great food and people, it's so similar to my hometown penang.

  4. barb: not actually..cos we ate in the hotel most of the time..

    nava: u r right!

    isaac: yes, i agree with u.. butterworth is another heritage city..

  5. wow, all the way to melaka for the course..

  6. Yeah! The cendol over there is only normal. Nothing to shout about. :p

  7. walk a little bit more into jonker street and u'll get a much nicer and cheaper cendol, just opposite the big chicken rice shop.

  8. wenn: no choice.. :)

    tekkaus: cos we didnt walk till jonkers street.. too far...

    medie: wah..u r familiar with Malacca?

  9. Melaka...I heard lot of nice food there,bt I never been there yet.

  10. Would love to visit Malacca again one day. It was years ago when I paid a visit there, must be a lot of changes.

    Be safe my dear.

  11. I be in seremban... when r u leaving melaka?

  12. What a very cool place!!! I love the fountain and the trishaw, I have never seen one before.

  13. Everything in Malacca is so historical! I miss the food there especially...

  14. nice peaceful getaway! good for the soul. enjoy your weekend, claire.

  15. I ate a super tasty cendol ice in Melaka last year. And have you tried satay celup? I love it most!

  16. Hi, I am a new follower. Can't wait to read more of your blog.


  17. I would love to have Ice Kacang. So hot.....

  18. Follow you publicly with GFC through the weekend blog hop

  19. Sounds like you had a nice time. Hopefully when you got back to the hotel you had a nice refreshment.

  20. Actually ah, Claire... Melaka not bad wan la... I like Melaka alot... and free access to WIFI is almost everywhere... much better than KL, in fact. If i got a choice... I would want to live in Melaka...small town, got free WIFI everywhere, even at smallest apek kopitiam...wud else can ask for? Too bad... hubby work is in KL... else I would want to stay in Melaka. It's as good as Penang...very touristy, very nice.

  21. Wah...from one heritage city to another, and now you're in Penang. You do get around,eh? LOL!!!

    Yup...some hotels charge up to RM8-10 an hour for the wifi. Lucky you!

    Never crazy about food in Malacca...

    Btw, thanks for hopping over and joining us last night. So nice to see you again...and it was great, getting the chance to sing together with you. Looking forward to your post... Say nice things about my singing, k? LOL!!!

  22. hey stp... i speak nothing but the truth!!! hahahaa... me still in penang.. will go back in an hour's time.. meanwhile just checking what's hot in my blog.. cant wait to go home to post up the pictures.. how nice if we can sing one more time tonight.. hahaha..Endless Love!

  23. i like to go to Melaka....i will be going to Melaka this coming summer when i get back from England for vacation...after reading your blogpost...


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