Sunday, April 3, 2011

Twosome, Foursome And....Sixsome!


When Eugene sms-ed me to say that we were supposed to meet in Oriental Karaoke at 4pm, I was feeling excited and ecstatic! As "we" all know, I love to sing (never mind the voice!), secondly, to meet up and sing with my regular bloggers is such Rarity and thirdly, the meet-up place is just 5 minutes walk from my hotel.. lol... (but of course, I did not walk there la!)

Upon entering the Oriental, carrying a big recycle bag, I really felt I looked like Ah Lian.. hahaha.. the guard greeted me and I quickly took out my hp to phone Eugene... In a matter of seconds, I saw him right in front of me with a Big Smile on his face. He was so chic looking, you all should see him then, with a cowboy hat, a dark blue navy T and a rugged pair of pants... wahhh....he really look like an artiste... a cowboy singer! hahahaa......

Very quickly, I was ushered into a dim and yet cosy place and there, someone else came out to greet me... he is none other than Arthur Wee aka STP...... another big smile on his face too.. I felt so happy to see them again!

Then I thought we would be going to a karaoke room....but nooo, Eugene said we could just sing from the place where we were sitting.... GOSH... I remember telling them that I would be too shy to sing in public... cis... I shouldn't have said that... after STP started the ball rolling singing one or two songs, my supposedly "shyness" was nowhere to be seen! lol... It was so much fun singing in public after all!!

STP, Eugene... both of you know so many songs and both of you can sing so well, my goodness!! I must go for singing classes la!

And...Now for the pictures....

Yes, started with a twosome..
HEY, A DUET only la...
Lionel Richie and Diana Ross?
lol... finally, we made it, STP!
pstt...think we can burn an album someday?? lol....

Ok, the above picture was cropped out from this foursome!
Eugene gave me the idea.. twosome, foursome...

(Jessie, Mandy, Arthur, Eugene, The Man)
I am sure many of you are curious who the man is
on the right, Right?? lol....
Before I reveal who he is, I wanna say a Big THANK YOU
to Eugene & his lovely wife for organising such a joyful
and memorable night for me, for us....

Thank you for the Goodies, Eugene, Arthur, Mandy!
those of you who didn't attend, you miss out a lot.. hahaha...
The Goodies came all the way from Sibu, Bidor, Penang, Ipoh (me paiseh)
Lastly, I really enjoyed myself and I HOPE that there will be another night like this again!!

psst.. Arthur, when is your next trip to Penang?
Oh, before I forget, the MAN whom most of you are not familiar with is from this BLOG. :) and now you know who he is... lol....


  1. So nice that you can have such gatherings... really like the way you all enjoyed yourselves at your age.. wish my parents knew how to do that!

  2. kiasu: gosh..why your parents? hahaha.. do they have a blog? oh, u mean older people also can have fun like us, right? hehehe...

  3. Such a nice gathering..
    Goodies from it Kompiah?...

  4. Mery: yes.. sibu, penang, bidor...

    sivmaria: it was really a fun night.. thanks to them!

  5. Wow! So nice to read and hear about all the fun, and finally see the pics! Great to have such blogger gatherings!

  6. very nicee gathering!! :) all happy faces!

    So sorry i couldnt make it this round. :( Glad you guys enjoyed ya.

  7. irene: yes, it was fun being with them...

    isaac: next round!!

  8. Thats lovely Claire. I wonder when I will get the chance to have such a nice evening. :)

  9. hehehe.... i know who the Man.

    hahaha he is Bananaz.

    am i right? hehehe

  10. MG: one day.. one fine day..u can too!

    voon: u so clever one.. hahaha..

  11. wow, karaoke in public..such fun!

  12. Just read about it at Eugene's blog, looks like you guys had so much fun! ^^

  13. What a nice gathering with good friends!

  14. kathy: next time we have one in KL!

    wenn: yeah, it was fun..

    hayley: something nice for a change.. hahaha...

    shireen: yeah, truly it was..

  15. I thank you cos you really showed the keeness in meeting up with us. I am glad you enjoyed it by the way,let start the Scandal kekekeke

  16. aiyah.. u met Bananaz! I havent! and STP too.. but yes.. Eugene is such a charming dude right? :D

  17. wah.. what a celebration you all have there.. :D

  18. eugene: u start first.. u r more creative.. hahaha..

    merryn: definitely.. three of them are!

    cath: yes, we had a good time..

  19. What a fun evening and happy pictures! Good pictures, too! But where were you singing?? Were others singing? Did you have an audience?

  20. Wah.......still so happening! Lots of fun it seems!!

  21. next time organise bigger gathering..get everyone to come to ipoh..

  22. Thanks for coming over from Ipoh, Claire. So nice to see you again. It was so much fun, had a great time. We must do this again soon...

  23. Hehehe... I guess the man is Bananaz too, since I heard one of you said he might be joining the gathering! So envy, so much fun you guys have had, awesome!

  24. Ouh...I thought what? Haha :D Good o you have gathering.

  25. Wow Frank Sibutra turned Lionel Richie. You guys have a great lungs exercising session but for me can only do the clapping..haha. Nice to meet the Ipoh mali Diana Ross.

  26. Nice meeting the foursome then sixsome and next time many many 'some' haha. Eugene mentioned scandal? What happened in the singing session? hehe.

  27. Aha...this was the bloggers gathering at Penang. I am sure all have lots of fun....jingling here and there...LOL!!!

  28. Hahaha, cowboy singer! Eugene is already in the mood for singing ...!

  29. Wah! Cowboy outfits and artist looking Eugene has given all of you such a memorable night. Then, I mustn't have any excuse if there is anymore gathering in future.

  30. Nice gathering!! 6 some somemore! Sure to raise an eyebrow! How come no video of your singing? hehe

  31. Caring is not only sharing..must gathering also,hehehe...

  32. bananaz: nothing scandalous happened.. but sure knows what he was talking about.. hahaha..
    nice to meet you and mango too!!

    sheohyan: yes, make a big gathering.. maybe in Ipoh next time!

    sweetwitch: that was what I regretted.. no video!

    yeeling: maybe we have one in KL next time too?

    stp: yes!! we must do it again soon.. so when coming again??

  33. ginny: yes, we sang in public but the lights were dim!

    chrisau: u miss all the fun la..

    lena: perhaps u can organize?? i m not so familiar with ipoh karaoke ...

    alice: i didnt know bananaz was joining in actually.. till the last minute..

    tekkaus: sixsome??

    kumfye: yes, it was great!

    luciana: sharing is caring as in caring in sharing.. haha..

  34. Wow! Glad u had a great time there, Claire. From Melaka straight to Penang? Wah! Salute...I would have dropped dead!

  35. Claire, my dad passed away the moment he reached the retirement age (55). He didn't even get to enjoy. The last year before he retires, he was worried about not having work, how to past time etc etc instead of thinking of what he will do to enjoy life, where he should travel to etc etc. Now that my mom is alone, she is just the same as my dad. We asked her to go out and spend time with friends, go learn dancing or singing (things she likes) but she refuses. My mom doesn't know how to use a computer and she's 60. Else I will definitely ask her to read your blog and positive blogs of other retirees like suituapui etc...

  36. Oh! So that man is Bananaz! Haha!! OK now I know : D

  37. haha thanks for revealing Bananaz!! hahaha

  38. WOW!! It look so much fun and i know all of you enjoy yourself to the max!

    Now everyone can see Bananaz's "face" in your blog already.

  39. I should have known you guys earlier so that I can join in the fun!! Next time you come KL, I take you go singing okay hehe.

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