Monday, April 4, 2011

3G - Goodies Galore Gathering

When the party ended, it was time to exchange "gifts." The gifts for our "stomachs" ... LOL....
I felt "paiseh" cos I didn't buy much from Ipoh, mainly because I came by bus... (excusable or not?) and with two big bags, I really looked like "Ah Lian." (another excuse!)

I thought I would be enlightened by one bag after meeting up... but NO... after meeting up, my bag became bigger than the first day itself. So much so, I left a lot of foodstuff with Andy, indeed he was most happy one!! LOL...

I took home half of the goodies...
Next time if there's a meet-up, I will drive!

ahhhh... another picture of our gathering..
I bet all of you do not know who that lady is..
I mean the lady in black..
oh, I mean the lady in black and with specs...


  1. Everytime I come back you always said nowhere to go, then when I balik already u go karaoke with cikgu n Eugene ... :(

  2. Come KL... I feed u and ur anaks with Coke chicken. LOL!

  3. hahaha....over there oso have "balik Kampung" ah?

  4. chrisau: cos u always kwan sui loke kwok ma...

    pam: please dont say that word.. durian!! gosh.. now i m yearing!!

    cleff: any other besides coke chick?? hehehe...

    kathy: wah..if u come, then got more choices!! hahaa..

  5. I like that name mango, cool , isn't it Bananaz?

  6. oh, there's a gift exchange session also? Cool!

  7. Eugene, Yup she is Mango (yellow from the inside and also yellow from the outside) as oppose to Bananaz (yellow from outside and white inside)..hehe ~;). When both get married later and have off spring what would be the best name? Banzgo, Mananaz, ManBanz or BanMan?

  8. eugene: cool man sure have cool name one!

    isaac: like christmas! haha...

    bananaz: When??? Please do not forget to invite us!!

  9. Ahhhh... so nice, so many goodies from around Malaysia!

  10. i really only know you, STP and Eugene.. who's the lady in black and with specs, and also The Man in the center??

  11. Who IS that lady?? Oh, the goodies, wish I had been there to take some off your hands!!

  12. Wah, so much to the show Homecoming, just watched it yesterday! LOL!

  13. Wow! So many food!! So who's that lady?

  14. Hi! Stopping by from the MBC blog hop to become a new follower. If you get a chance please stop by and follow back. Thanks! Dena

  15. Hi Reana, love those goodies! My wife will go for them, not me....
    You looking good in the pic, and the lady in black? She's very pretty. Attractive lady. Your relation?
    Best regards, Lee.

  16. Reana, I forgot, who's that traffic stopper beside you? The lady? Nice.

  17. Yes, Bananaz...when? Good excuse for me to go over to KL? Can have another meet the bloggers session at the same time. Kill two birds with one stone.

    Oooo...Sexy Jessie, you've an admirer!

  18. Haha. Was that a bloggers meet or a bloggers food exchange program? lol.

  19. oh..finally I got to see Bananaz..

  20. I saw Bananaz put his arm around her, his wifey right?

  21. Bananaz wifey? ;p War...each time gathering surely you get more snacks aye?

  22. Hmm must be good eh! U guys really have fun.

  23. Tekkaus: Optional. We bring to give...buah tangan, but of course, up to the individual, one's own discretion. Most important thing is to meet and interact and enjoy one another's company - strengthening our friendship bonds...not just friends on blogs or worse still,some faceless ones, so impersonal.

  24. alice: yeah.. from different states..

    sk: i thought u know him personally.. that is bananaz and his precious dear.. :)

    ginny: do come to Malaysia!!

    foong: answer as per above.. :)

    centsational: thanks!

    u.lee: i will tell u when u arrive in Malaysia.. lol..

    stp: yeah, hope he invites us?? yes, jessie has an admirer from canada.. hahaha..

    MG: that is a must among bloggers somehow? hahaha...

    wenn: me too..first time seeing him..

    sheohyan: girlfren also can.. hehee..

    tekkaus: live to eat!! hahaha..

    japs: yeah.. great!!

    stp: faceless? reminds me of the John Trovolta and Nicholas Cage movie.. FACELESS...
    so.. when r u coming over again? Elin wants to make u something! i can also tumpang makan.. hahaha..

  25. U wan tomyam? Curry chic? Or ayam goreng oso can. Hahahahaha! I very limited edition wan. LOL!

  26. next time you go, i also want to tumpang your kereta and bring more extra bags..haha!

  27. Ok, i think i know the lady that next to Bananaz, i mean not in person la.


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