Monday, April 18, 2011

Moody Goody Monday

Perakians, today is a good Monday, do you care to agree? YES!! Tomorrow we Perakians are having a day off because of our Sultan's B'day. While some big VIPs are going there to get awards for their contribution to the society, my friends and I are planning to go for a one day trip to Foodland!

No definite plans to our whereabouts as yet, tentatively it will be all about Food, maybe to Chemor or to Tanjung Tualang for some seafood galore. Any suggestions?

Gosh, talking about food, I miss my sons.... can't wait to have them back home again...With them around, there are so many suggestions and so many places we can venture out for our food fiesta but now they are not here, the house is super quiet except for some barkings on and off...

This is a ranting post actually, once awhile, once in a blue moon, I must "release some air" ... huff... pufff.... phewwww.....

Anyway, today is a good day.... not perfect but then it is still good...

So... how about you? How was your day? Is it good? Care to share?


  1. Haiyor...should have taken today off...and come last Saturday...go back tomorrow. I thought all Sultan's birthdays on Saturdays one?

  2. Not a good day for me as though I'd got up from the wrong side of the bed.

  3. Go Thailand border good Tomyam and spicy food! Goodleh!

  4. stp: no la.. not always on saturdays! take off today also no use, got to wake up early to take girl to school.. so might as well work!

    pam: what happened? neck pain?

    pete: oh.. no need to go so far la.. i want seafood!!

  5. hehehe....I got holiday this Fri in Spore - Good Friday. :)

  6. chris: yeah, aaron told me.. so taking him for a makan or not? hahaa..

    kendra: yeah.. hope it is good for u..

  7. Hi Claire, Happy Monday to you. We are having a gorgeous day here in TN. Spring is really here --with new leaves coming out on our big shade trees. Our spring flowers are blooming and the roses are getting some buds....

    Hope you have a wonderful week.

  8. eeyer.... how come we here in selangor no holiday? :P

    i wanna go makan makan too :D

  9. hope u have a great day always...cheers!

  10. today not a bad day for me, did some cooking and later went for facial. I wanted to go for foot massage just now but just lazy to get out from the house!

  11. betsy: great to hear u r having a nice Monday too!

    merryn: aiyee... always go makan makan cari jalan, dont take me one! :p

    mandy: thanks!! same to u too!

    lena: facial and foot massage different places? :)

  12. good for u but bad for me..i hv to work!

  13. enjoy ur holiday tomoro... penang lang nid to work leh.. too bad ;(

  14. waiting for the big day.. thats all.. :D

  15. Well, you know about my day, taking pics of the tornado damage. I hope you have a great day off, and can't wait to see where you went and what you ate!! Your sons have been gone a long time now, I hope they will return soon, maybe for Easter?

  16. wenn: sigh.. i m no boss ma.. hahaa..

    yingying: each state has a chance one, dont worry.. :)

    cath: hey, still around in the house?

    ginny: they are coming back soon!

  17. wow! An off day! :) So how did you spend it Claire?

    By the way I was with Tony today for the premiere screening of The Roommate, he mentioned you, and said thanks! :)

    My eXperiences -

  18. Hi Reana, wayyyy back in the '70s I used to go to Tanjung Tuallang for udang galah seafood.
    As well to Sitiawan for some Hock Chew dishes.
    I wonder if can still get them?

    Incidentally, where is the bestest banana leaf or nasi kandar rice in Ipoh?
    I sure wish I can have some now.
    You have fun, Lee.

  19. I am sure for one thing Claire, i don't want to drop by your blog on Wednesday cos you will be putting the makan makan picutres and that always get me very jelos one, hahahahah, just a joke.

    hey you are one hell of a lady lah,, got one day off, go jalan go makan,,, no need beauty sleep meh? you know beauty sleep? the one you sleep sleep untill you get back your beauty hhahahahah.

    ok now go and dress up the time now is 6.54 am tuesday, start with dim sum,,, then 10 am go for nice coffee, then lunch, then tea break, then high tea, then dinner ,then supper then baru beauty sleep.

    fuyoh,,,,,ho mein lah you,, enjoy ya.

  20. enjoy ur seafood galore...!! :-)

  21. Wah... holiday ah? Good, enjoy your day off, Claire. =D Will be looking forward to all the food galore. *grinz*

  22. Wow...Chemor and Tg Tuallang...seafood....why never take me wan :p I also want to eat leh :)
    I sit a t home and watch movies...a relaxing day for cooking and no baking! Yesterday the egg tart did not turned out good !

  23. I just wanna say that I'm jealous you people at Perak gets to have public holiday today! :P Ah how I wish I am in my hometown now! :P

  24. I agree. A foot massage is a relaxing experience. It feels great during and after. My podiatrists recommended it to me in the first place.


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