Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Perak Day's Celebration

Today is Sultan Perak's official birthday, most working Perakians are not working today... employees like me welcome this holiday with a cheery heart... so how did I spend my day?

Woke up around 9am to the sound of my handphone alarm... made an appointment to go out for breakfast with my old best friend the day before... by 10am, we were off to a dim sum galore in one of the restaurants in town....

very crowded...
din't really like the dim sum this morning
most of the food were quite cold already...
anyway, ordered quite a bit and ended up
RM40.00 poorer.. ($17usd)

After the breakfast, we went to Jaya Jusco to walk-walk
and ended up for our lunch in Secret Recipe

I ordered a shepherd pie... hmmm...
not so nice... I didn't really like it...

we ordered a lasagna too...
not bad but nothing to shout about...

and for dessert, we had a mango cake...
our lunch cost RM40 ($17)

After our lunch and buying some stuff, we went home ... as usual, did some blogging here and surfing for a few hours... and then by 6pm, someone was complaining she was hungry again....

we went to a restaurant in Greentown Business Centre
we had three dishes.. consisting of...

salted steamed chicken.. i like this..

4 kinds of vegetables with sambal (spicy)

and their signature beancurd with minced meat...
the bill came to RM57.00
(which was really over-priced!)

Total Damage for today came to RM137.00!

Well, I guess it is "safe to save" on a working day!

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  1. Alamak... chamz... I haven't had dinner yet... and now got this... *FAINT*

  2. oh so nice you got extra holiday today, haha, but i guess you have more damages on a holiday right?? anyway, as long as you are happy, why now?? :)

  3. well, as long as u r happy sharing, u r indeed happy!

  4. Hahaha... spend more on holidays ah? But you had fun too so OK lah, right? ^^

  5. wow.. what a serious damage for a day of holiday.. but worth it all lar... you get the good food, fellowship wif friend and one whole rest and relaxing day for yourself! tomoro will be another new working day, and half of the week has gone, with weekends approaching.. hehe..

  6. cleff: i need a break too... :)

    sk: just kidding.. guess money earned need to be spent! :)

    wenn: sharing is caring? :)

    lina: yeah, fun eating and spending one.. :)

    yingying: now looking forward to working.. hahaa.. .just kidding!

  7. Thank goodness Sultan only celebrates his bday once a year.. lol.. otherwise ur total damages need to be multiplied dunno how many times :P

  8. Haha... spend till you drop! But that's ok as long as it's not a habitual action.
    Just a little correction: That's not Shepherd's Pie but Gourmet Pie, which I think its taste is not as appealing as the former because of the creaminess of the soup inside. The lid is ok though it's on the greasy side. Do you agree?

  9. a hefty damage. But worth it for the stomach I guess. Glad you enjoyed your day off Claire!

    My eXperiences - www.isaactan.net

  10. it's okay ..you're not doing this everyday and what you've spent all gone to your stomach, so you're losing anything. So holiday, no free desserts from elin??

  11. These food photos make me really hungry....yum, yum.

  12. Sounds like you had a very nice day!! That shepherd's pie is very strange looking, I would have liked to see the inside! The dum sum may not have been good, but I'm in LOVE with the pink dishes!!

  13. You're having your revenge or what? Drool! Drool! I'm hungry... LOL!!!

  14. Ya...as Ginny pointed out,the shepherd pie does look disastrous! LOL!!!

  15. LOL!! Yea, we tend to spend more during holiday. Sometimes i dont even need to spend a penny during my working day cos my mom cook lunch for me at times..

  16. Wah, whole day eat out......good lah!

  17. hahaha...i agreed with you. When working, we don't spend so much on food. Just simple and quick lunch. When weekends or PH, we will go out hunting for good food.

  18. The mango cake looks wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing your photos and describing each dish.

  19. This post makes me crave...very enticing meal indeed

  20. Claire, your posts are always making me hungry. They all look delicious!


  21. Wish the holiday would be longer.. haha.. now waiting for 1st May :P

  22. Perak day also you have such a wonderful celebration. Envy!


Thank you, readers!

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