Monday, May 23, 2011

American Idols - Scotty & Lauren

Yes, I am very biased... even the title, I put Scotty name first instead of Lauren... so guess who I want the American Idol to be???

Scotty McCreery of course!!

Too bad I cannot vote over here, otherwise I wouldn't mind putting in a vote or two.. hahahaa...

Come Wednesday, Americans can see them perform live.... as for me here, I have to wait till Friday night to watch and by then, the results will be splashed in the newspaper already.. no LIVE results.... in a way it is good, my heart will not beat fast like watching those badminton matches! LOL....
so who do you think will win?

Lauren or.....

I bet on this fella....
and I can't wait to buy his CD!
(gosh, do I sound a bit... "overboard?")


  1. You love country Claire?
    Yes, i agree that his voice sounds good, but listening to him gets boring after a while since his voice is mono-toned.
    1st time since the start of Idol that I'm gonna not sit and watch with excitement :(

  2. I want Lauren to win. Scotty is a one-trick-pony, and in fact, pretty annoying at times.
    Haley was amazing, and I'm so pissed of she didn't make it to the finale. This year's Idol suck - they've sent home THE BEST and left the mediocre ones. Stupid voters!

  3. Zzzzzzzz...I'm not a fan of both. Same as Gratitude - I have stopped following the show for a while now and I'm not looking forward to the final.

  4. gratitude: i like the way he sings.. with his crooked mouth and deep voice!

    nebular: gosh, i m not sure about pia.. but i really prefer softer tones of voices..yes, many like Haley.. but after being the top 3, she is going far too..

    stp: i only followed after the last 8... hahaaha..

    kathy: yeah, cos got something to look forward to..

  5. Me love Scotty too! <3 <3 <3

  6. I want Scotty to win badly!!! He's the best!

  7. Jacob should have been at the top :(

  8. Hi Reana, guys are good keeping up with these shows.
    I don't even know who they are, never heard.
    My fault I guess as I hardly watch this kind of shows....
    prefer watching adventure movies.

    My wife watches those Chinese TV weepy serials. There's 2 Chinese TV stations here. One is 24 hours.
    And they are continuous, so I fool around with my Apple instead.
    Have a great week.

  9. I like the cute guy, especially his crooked smile...

  10. Scotty will most probably win cos he has loads of fans! I think he's also very confident of himself.

    But somehow I didn't find this season's American Idol very good - there's no one that can match Adam Lambert or Carrie Underwood : )

  11. errr.. i'm never a follower of AI actually.. infact i know very little of them besides Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Adam Lambert, David Cook.. errr, just these few only..

  12. lina: high 5!

    barb: yehhh!!! another one agreeing!

    gratitude: oh.. hmmm...

    U.lee: dont watch, u go and write more posts about the yesteryears! :)

    pam: very enchanting smile!!

    foong: i dont know why, i really dont like adam! dont like men to make up.. hahaha...

    sk: only carrie underwood i like among the few u mentioned..

  13. That Scotty is really macho man la... hahaha so young but when he sings... adoi... not a suitable time for me to find a gf now... lol

  14. American Idol! Nice to see you rooting for the singers. Can't comment much coz i've been living without TV for quite some time now. TV is there, but no antenna and channels :P

  15. I prefer Lauren,she is very versatile and that's all made of a good artise,as for Scotty,he is fixed with a lot of country but a little rock and roll.... now i remember you like small packages, just like last time, you prefer David Achuletta to David Cook kan,,,,,?

  16. And the winner is...........Reanaclaire from Ipoh...

  17. yeahh...same with me..i hope scotty will win...high 5 claire...:)
    p/s: LOL on Pete remarks.

  18. I din't follow AI, so better don't comment so much, kekeke =)
    Anyway, hope your idol wins la!

  19. They are both good --and both should have great careers... From what I read, Scotty will win.

  20. I heard this handsome guy sang once..which is the song you posted earlier. It's real touching. In fact his voice is very sexy...ahahahhaha

  21. I stopped watching since David Cook and David Archuletta's time.

  22. What?? I don't like Scott ler! His voice too deep for my liking :P But then all the contestants that I like previously all tendang out dy.. so sad :(

  23. yikes!!!!!! These two are the finalist?!!! *smack forehead* i watched the initial stages and dislikes these two jokers... now they are in the finals?? :(

  24. Scotty has the full package but it's actually pretty boring after listening to his song for a while. I think Lauren has a brighter future. Just look at Jordin Sparks. Her perfomance is absolutely stunning and she is no more little girl. Imagine she was 17 when she won the AI title years back. I am actually much prefer Hayley vs Lauren. I think they're lots of contracts waiting for Hayley. She has a bright future as well. Well, the fact is American Idol is not about who is the best but who got the most votes. Definitely Scotty has more percentage for winning it. All the girls are crazy for him!

  25. Yes, i agree with most of you.. it would be interesting if Hayley and Scotty or James with Scotty.. one rock and one country/ballad... but now as it is, both of them are on the sentimental side.. anyway.. it is hard to say who will win.. Both of them have heavy fans..

  26. From the beginning of the season, I have pretty much predicted that Scotty will win. I don't know for sure but I have a strong feeling he will.

    Country music is big in the States and have a really huge fan base. Heck, they even have their own awards show. I think they want to see a male newcomer on the country scene.. at least someone to give Brad Paisley a run for his money.

    Personally, however, I was not interested since Casey left the show. So I'll just be watching just for the sake of watching the finale. :)


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