Sunday, May 15, 2011

China Dim Sum In Greentown

My third time to this new Dim Sum restaurant and yet I could not remember the name ... the only familiar word is China... China Xin Xiang? Okay, forget about the name, I will find out later and post it up...

In less than a week, I have gone to that restaurant three times in a row! So... I don't think I wanna go there until perhaps half a year later! hahahaa.... First time I went was with my two ex colleagues, second time with Elinluv and the third time with Andy and Fernie....

These dim sum were pretty special in a way.... prices range fromRM3.50 onwards.... actually I don't mind going there again if anyone were to give a treat.... hahahahaa.....

Andy... giving his stomach a short rest..
after walloping all these....

fresh siew mai..

barbecued polo bun...

siew loong pau....
(like i-dragon)

sweet rice flour dumplings

with pork floss fillings

fried white spinach with popiah skin...

mini egg tarts, very nice...

special Dan Dan noodles... quite spicy

szechuan soup noodles with minced pork

custard mini dumplings...

with salted and sweet egg custard fillings...

That was our Brunch....
The bill came to RM40 for the 3 of us!
Aaron, don't drool.. I will take you next!! LOL...

Ok, I should be able to get the name of the restaurant tomorrow..
Meanwhile IF you still wanna go,
it is just along CIMB Bank in Greentown Business Center..
Very easy to find it... just along the EON Bank too....


  1. Looks so appetizing.. I cant resist the temptation of chinese foods.

  2. Dim sum le~!Feels like eating also!!! =))

  3. The barbecued polo bun looked similar to the one I had in Hong Kong. Nice din sum...

  4. tina: chinese have lots of varieties..

    hoay: come to IPOH! :)

    pam: u try and then let me know same or not..

  5. wah 11 plates/3 = 3.8 ++ plates each people.

    a lot u can eat.... hehhe

  6. woot dim sum! and I had some this morning too with some kl bloggers to welcome a sgporean blogger which came down to kl.

    I just love to eat dim sums for bfast!

  7. very yummy dimsum, i like them especially the green rice cake and the custard bun!! haha, and Andy is still trying hard to finish them all?? :p

  8. the dim sums in Ipoh taste better than the ones in Penang. Just duno y :S

  9. yums! i love dim sum n dnt mind taking it everyday :p

  10. wah reli special looking bring me there i belanja la

  11. chvoon: only 9 plates nia.. hahaha..

    isaac: me.. once awhile ok .. not often..

    sk: cos of the noodles, that made us full...

    yingying: im sure there are specialities in other states..

    caroline: oh dear.. i will not la. so chai!

    kathy: deal!! hahaha...

  12. lol.. i like the way u blog about this! Lots of food but can't remember the name of the place! haha...

  13. Will go for the sweet dumplings, esp the one green colored and coconut inside.

  14. my fave meal!

    Thrilled to be BACK-

    Warm Aloha from Honolulu

    Comfort Spiral




  15. Ooooh!!!! Haven't had dim sum in such a long time! This looks really yummy! Thanks for the reminder Claire!

    Hope you have a great week!



  16. The dim sum don't look like China ones leh? Not so delicate/fine. More like KL ones... Poor Aaron, left out... Come, Aaron...come to Sibu...I take you to the nice ones here... LOL!!!

  17. Wahhh... all of the dim sum looks very tempting le!

  18. Claire, that day we went to Foh San.But it was not as good as we expected...LOL!!

  19. Wow that looks delicious. What great photos!! Following you from VoiceBoks!~Lisa
    I am all a twitter about life

  20. ah ha..first time see people blog about dine-in place but forgot the name, hahaha...funny lar you ni... :)

  21. You know,now i try not to eat dim sum already, firstly the pork scarce and secondly i really think it is expensive, two plates of sui mai, already RM6... a family of four go makan sure kena at least RN25 one hahahah

  22. Dan Dan....he he he, reminds me of a girl I know very long ago...LOL!

  23. this post made me hungry. I think i'll go for Dim Sum tmrw for breakfast since its hol.

  24. Dan dan mian makes me drooling.

  25. Wow! So yummy! I want dim sum!!!


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