Monday, May 16, 2011

Cold Hands And Jelly Feet

It has been a long day in the office today, two of my "members" took leave today to get a 4 days off in a row... I did not take, knowing I still have to get up early morning to take my girl to school... so might as well I go to the office and save my day leave for something else later on...

This will be a short post.. tonight I have a function to go to.. er.. a church function... last minute they needed a guitarist and I am now having clammy hands and cold feet. I was very reluctant at first but after this message from my cell leader, I changed my mind... she sms-ed me saying "Do it for the Lord, HELP!!"

Gosh...I do not have much time to practise, just go through and "strum" the best that I could.... hopefully no one will notice my shivering fingers and jelly legs.... hahahaa..

I m back from the function...
I didn't play well tonight.. my fingers hurt too much
cos I didn't play for quite some time...
my two fingers are hurting now...
And it made me realize that...
it is NOT easy to sing and play the guitar at the same time!
But God, I tried my best...


  1. Nah!!! Bluff only! You competition champion, play guitar like pro...where got problem one. Me, malu thick-skin singing away - not realising got real star with me karaoke. LOL!!!

  2. I always wanted to play guitar in the cell group but I think I am tone deaf or something... I know they key but very mechanical... hahaha

    All the best for CG tonight ^^

    Tomorrow's worry tomorrow then settle, hahaha.

  3. Sure or not? Thought you're the guitarist for the band... Hmm... I didn't bake any humble pie today.

  4. Nah! I think you would be great! *wink* Have fun tonight and lots more fun tomorrow!
    Happy Vesak Day!

  5. Lolz Our Sibu big brother spilled your beans :P

    We know Claire can do perfection! ;)

    Tomorrow's a day of prayers and reflection for me. Have a peaceful holiday ya ^_^

  6. I'm on leave tomorrow.. looking forward for my body massage session =)
    Happy Wesak to you ya!

  7. stp: u really made me laugh.. hahaha.. where got bluff.. i played very poorly tonight.. lack of practice! gosh.. so malu-ing.. sigh..

    daniel: not cell group but an anniversary function..

    pam: no..not qualified to be in the church band .. only for the senior fellowship.. hahaa..

    angeline: thanks..but i updated already..

    gratitude: next time we go sing.. then u know how "good" or poor i m.. !

    hayley: it is a public holiday, right? or just for certain states?

  8. i read that your friend, stp said you competition champion..wah ! didnt know really dont bluff, wed bring your guitar along,we sing together!

  9. Ouch... that looks painful. U din use guitar pick?

  10. that must be painful..anyway, u did yr best.

  11. I'm sure you did great, Claire. God doesn't care how good we are or do, but he just wants us to give the effort and do our best. That is all... You did GREAT.

  12. yeah, at least you did it for LORD, so you should feel happy that you've done your best.. HE will make sure your fingers heal by tomorrow morning.. :)

  13. wow.. u play guitar.. nice nice.. u just need to play it more often then the skin on the fingers will grow thicker and u wont be suffering from pain ady. ^^ happy holiday on Tuesday!! yippieyaya !!

  14. your poor fingers. I'm sure you played beautiful god's music !

  15. lena: hahaha.. no thanks.. malu-ing!

    cleff: those fingers are for the chords..

    wenn: shivering fingers ..

    betsy: thanks for the consolation..

    sk: yes, this morning, they are less painful.. cos long time never played..

    yingying: yes, after that, skin come out and then will be soft again when never play..

    isaac: nevertheless we want to be good, right? but God knows best.. i didnt really play nice but.. anyway,it is over..

  16. Came here for the first time.

    Wow~ You travel a lot. It's awesome.

    Do feel free to drop by my blog as I blog about travel, foods and life.

    Take care and have a good day :)

  17. Use plaster lor. :p Maybe you really didn't play for too long already.

  18. i thought have to use a thing that looks like a thimble to strum geh. Not ah?

  19. happy wesak day. nice blog.. have a view of my blog when free.. do leave me some comment / guide if can.. if interested can follow my blog...

  20. My son is taking guitar and I decided to learn along with him. I feel your pain! Good job to suck it up and just do it!

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