Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Today's Thoughts And Plans

Today is a public holiday, I was feeling kind of restless... thinking so much and yet doing nothing much...

All I can say is... in another two weeks, there will be some changes in our lifestyle, my girl and I. Both of us are wishing and hoping that everything will go on smoothly.

Suddenly something popped up into my mind... how about taking Three Months Off Work? Say around October? Or November? Yeah, it is still few months away no doubt, but I need to consider it properly now... the administration needs to be given notice a few months beforehand.

Okay, lets say If I were not be working in October till December, can I or should I say, can both my girl and I survive? No salary to lean on, man........

On the other hand, I will be in the house whole day tending to my girl who is having her finals this year. After she finishes her exams in November, we can have a month off.... flying high and away!!! That is what I longed for!

Secondly, I do not have to worry about my leave not being approved then.... (December is the month where leave is very strict!! Oh Man!)

Ok, back to the first question.... can I be able to survive without pay for three months? What should I do now? Start saving from now on so that by October, we can sort of "survive?"

The more I think of it, the more excited I am.... it might work, right?

YES, I will think about it... GOING OFF WORK for THREE WHOLE MONTHS! ooohhh... Sounds GREAT.... (sounds Greater if there is some Sponsor!! lol.... )

But then the only setback is.... by the time I report back to work, will my present job be available or Kaput liow????


  1. Well, tai ka cheh... just follow you heart lol but then agai pray over it,,,,,everything works well in HIS time and HIS plan, kan?

  2. your daughter will like that very much!!

    money can always be earned later.

  3. oh why are you taking so many months off? any particular reason?

  4. Ask your girl - whether she wants you around, breathing down her neck - additional pressure...or would she prefer working on her own? I'm sure she's independent enough.

    Yes, one week...what plans? Come to Sibu? But school holiday time, tickets may be quite expensive. So terrible, these airlines - that was why every time I had to pay more for my girl to come home for her holidays. :(

  5. I think you should take things easy now. Your daughter is no longer a small girl and it is perfectly alright for her to manage her own stress as she is going to enter adulthood very soon. As for the idea of taking leave for 3 months, perhaps you need to re-re-rethink... I'm worried about your status of employment if you were to leave it for months. Anyhow, the 2011 SPM exam will end somewhere in the mid of Dec, so you'll probably be unoccupied for 2 1/2 months until your daughter is free to travel with you.

  6. eugene: yes, my plans but He will decide.. I believe that!

    doc: money is always not enough.. right?

    barb: stay home..be a 24 hours mum..

    stp: oh, not to worry about me breathing down her neck.. she is in one corner and i m in another.. it is just that I can be at home to cook and cook .. :) I never had a real holiday before.. i mean a month's rest off work or something like that.. so i wanna experience it, see whether i like it or not before i hand in my retirement..

    pam: actually i think of retiring this year.. but friends/colleagues advised me against it.. so i thought i take it off 2 or 3 months first.. see whether i can survive or like it or not.. then i decide... i m tired of working actually.. 30 over years is a long time! :p

  7. Hmm, I think you need to consider over again.. no doubt it 'sounds' easy, but when it comes to real 'action', things might be different.. (just my personal opinion)

  8. just take a break then and see how it goes..

  9. Take a shorter break first Claire

  10. hayley: yes, now considering.. when the time comes, i might change my mind..:)

    wenn: yeah, u know best, right?

    isaac: oh.. few days? not enough la.. :)

  11. wow sounds kinda complicated since I dont know the whole story. What I may say might not apply to your situation but I think for you to have a thought to even dare to think about a 3 month off is worth everything to make it happened.

    The preparation part might be hard but once you start to enjoy the harvest, I think its all going to be worth it.

    I don't think you really need to worry so much about getting your job back after 3 month. Its a 3 long month, you might discover a passion that could be your career.

    Thats my positive and general view about the whole situation. Haha you really got me excited to want to know whats going to happened next.

  12. we definately need a break after been working for so long but i then i thought you always been travelling around and taking breaks.3 months might seem a litle long but if you think that period will do you best, then go ahead..maybe you'll miss your job on the 2nd month and then come back to cancel your leave!

  13. all work and no play makes....ahem ahem...

    God Bless and may He provide you with what you need

  14. Wow...how I wish I can choose not to work. Or I can? :p

    Anyway all the best with your planning. :)

  15. Tiredness is definitely pushing us to make retirement earlier. I can understand how much you want a stop to rest. I have that feeling every time I am tired. The world isn't ideal. There are other things that we really need to think properly. That's my opinion.

  16. first, take a short leave..then u can think and plan betul2...
    3months leave?? err, i cannot ler..

  17. I am so impressed by the friends you have to discuss these sorts of decisions with! That network of friends is priceless, and while the final decision is, of course, yours, these friends have some good input too!

    Sending you courage to stay or go, whichever works best in His plan for your life. Regardless, sending you joy!

    RJ, the HOPE Coach

  18. A hard decision ya. Whatever it is, all the best to you !

  19. 3 months..that is a very long leave....

  20. 3 months is quite the norm in the mat salleh countries, so i guess it is pretty much ok with the bosses over there. But here, errrrr are you in the boss's good books? ;)

  21. I just back to work after off from work for almost 3 months... involuntarily... it's scary and stressful to think of the money keep on going out without money coming in. Anyway, I have survived!

    If you really can afford 3 months off, why not? Go ahead and enjoy. You may not get the excuse or reason for it again next time. :)

  22. all da best watever u decide to do :)

  23. Yes! Yes! Yes! Take off for 3 months!! Enjoy that 3 months off work!! That's what I will do if I were you. Try and save as much as possible now. And enjoy it! : )


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